Down the Drain Slots

Do you like plumbers? Maybe you just want a different type of slot game to play than what you’re used to? Either way, Down the Drain, is a pretty unique online slot game that’s themed after plumbers. This means the game shows off plumbers, pipes, drains and all sorts of other symbols associated with plumbers as you spin the reels. The graphics aren’t impressive, but the features offered are. Read through our review below to find out if this is the slot game for you.

Lower Prize Payouts

This isn’t the type of slot game that’s going to make any player rich in just a single spin. Instead, the game focuses on paying out combinations of prize wins instead of one massive win. This is obvious when looking at the paytable that offers a maximum prize combination valued at 1,000 coins and another prize worth 750 coins. All the other prizes are worth significantly less and there aren’t any special multipliers available. That means players looking to win big are going to be after multiple prizes on a single spin.

A Fixed Payline Setup

There are 40 paylines in this slot which is great for the players that want to win several prizes in a single spin. It’s not so good for the players that want to place smaller wagers because all 40 lines are turned on at all times. Some gamblers won’t want to bet on all 40 lines and they won’t have a choice when playing this slot game.

Decent Betting Levels

The minimum wager amount is just $0.40 and the maximum is $200 per spin. This range is good enough for most gamblers that will play this slot, and it’s one of the features that we truly enjoyed about Down the Drain the online slot. High rollers and low stakes players can both wager on the game comfortably thanks to these limits. Wagers are adjusted jut by changing the Credit Value using a single adjuster.

A Low Value Paytable

Prize payouts are limited to 1,000 credits from a single winning combination in this slot making the faucet symbol the most valuable overall. The toilet is next most valuable worth 750 credits for five, and the rest of the symbols are worth significantly less.

Plenty of Wilds

Wild symbols can appear on any of the reels but they don’t create prize paying combinations on their own. Instead, you want to combine wilds along with other symbols to finish out prizes and to create multiple prize combos in a single turn. Wilds are the key to triggering massive prize wins in a single turn.

Re-Spins Add Value

Along with wild symbols unlocking free-spins is possible through special re-spin bonus symbols. These symbols reward a single re-spin whenever a symbol shows up on the third reel. This is a pretty small perk, but it’s one that’s triggered regularly adding real value to the game.

Carefully Configure Autoplay

This game makes it easy to set up autoplay to go through a specific number of rounds (between 5 and 100) without having to press spin for any of them. This control also makes it possible to choose specific stop conditions like credits going up or down by a certain amount or winning a specific prize amount. These controls make it easy to set the game to play itself for gamblers that aren’t interested in spinning the reels.

An Extended Free Spin Bonus

Getting three or more of the free spin symbols during the base game starts up the free spin bonus round. In this special round, players start off with 8 free spins and can get many more than that. Free spin symbols will show up on any of the five reels during this bonus round. Any time a single free spin symbol appears on a reel the player receives an additional free spin. This can continue all throughout the free spin bonus rounds.

Fit the Pipes Yourself

As a player on this slot it’s up to you to fix pipes and build up a massive prize payout. This is the objective for the special bonus round of this slot game. The bonus is triggered by getting bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. Do that and the bonus round begins. Choose which pipes to fix and try to build up a bigger prize multiplier as you make your decisions.

Play this Game from Anywhere

Do you love this slot game? If you don’t already you might when you hear that it’s designed to run smoothly on most devices including smartphones. That’s right, this game can be played on phones, tablets and more all right from the web browser. It will run smoothly and should make it easier than ever to gamble from anywhere.

It Works without Registration

To get the most value from this game it makes sense to play it with real money and to try for a real money prize payout. That’s not how all gamblers do it though. Some try it out using play money for free. This is the easiest way to try out the slot game and it makes it possible for new players to learn about all the different features without actually registering at the casino or spending real money. It’s a winning feature for new gamblers.

Down the Drain is one of the more uniquely themed online slot games that we’ve tried in awhile. That doesn’t mean it’s the right option for every gambler. If you’re interested in getting to know this slot you can try it for free on a compatible casino, or you can play it for real money after signing up and making your first deposit. It seems simple on the surface but offers some pretty cool bonuses to play around with.