Red White and Win Slots

Red white and win slots is a patriotic game which is an all American game. Anybody from the states will simply adore this amazing game which is based on the Stars and Stripes, American Eagle, George Washington, the Statue of Liberty, and the national flag of America are some of its icons. Apart from the mentioned above, you may also see some standard symbols, such as Bar, double Bar and logos (red, white and win).

Players will be able to set how many coins to bet but not the size of the coin, since this is fixed at $2.50. Up to three coins can be placed for the one line from the 'Bet On' button or by hitting 'Play Max' to go for the highest wager allowed. Prizes are awarded for combinations of three symbols, and for just one or two in some cases. Despite the fact that it looks as a typical Las Vegas styled machine, it has a distinctively American look and a gargantuan progressive jackpot. You can wager up to three coins per spin between $2.50 and $7.50 per spin.

The big progressive jackpot is won by obtaining three American Flag Symbols. Interestingly, you don't have to bet the maximum in a Red White and Win slots casino to win the progressive jackpot. If you wager just one coin then you will be eligible to win 5% of the progressive jackpot, while if you wager two coins you will be eligible to win 10% of Red White and Win online slots' progressive jackpot. While you might think that this amount is not much, the progressive jackpot builds very quickly in a Red White and Win slot machine because of its higher wagering limits. So even these proportional wins can be very substantial. The progressive jackpot is triggered off at random at any given time and can be won when you least expect it. After the jackpot prize is won, the amount is reset and automatically goes higher and higher until it is won again. After it is won, then it is reset again until it is won once again.

Apart from the progressive jackpot, there are other jackpots as well in a Red White and Win slots casino. Three Statue of Liberty Symbols pay out 1,500 coins, or $3,750 if you want the cash equivalent. That would be a welcome boost to your bankroll, no matter what limit you play at. Three Eagle Symbols pay out 750 coins and three Dollar Bill Symbols provide a jackpot of 300 coins. This gives a Red White and Win slot machine a well shaped pay out table. And to make wins even more frequent both the Eagle Symbols and the Statue of Liberty Symbols pay out even when they are alone on the pay line.

The graphics and sounds in Red White and Win online slots match the game play – simple and straightforward. You are not going to see any fancy animations here because this is a classic slot game without any frills – apart from the big pay outs of course.

There is a very useful auto play feature in a Red White and Win slot machine. You can play the game manually or automatically. To play the game manually just press the Spin button. If you want to play the game automatically, then you need to press the Auto Play button. The game will automatically go faster and you can sit back and relax as you watch your winnings pile up. When you want to revert back to the manual mode, then all you have to do is press Stop and Spin once more and the reels will be played manually by you once again.

Playing Red White and Win slots is an experience you should not miss. You can watch your dreams come true at the click of the mouse, turning your online casino into a land of milk and honey. The American flag up in the air is the symbol which is responsible for awarding the progressive jackpot, which can go up around $1 million. Three such symbols must fall on the line at the same time and on a bet of three coins to win the full jackpot. For smaller bets, the game will award 5% and 10% of the current jackpot for the rare combination.

So get prepared for a cool adventure with an American-themed patriotic game with lots of prizes and the ultimate prize of winning the progressive jackpot which can go as high as an astounding $1. This is the time to start believing in the red, white and blue and to turn it around into the Red White and Win Slots and to get ready for that staggering prize which is just within your grasp in this exciting game!