The Right Prize Slots

If you’re a fan of the Price is Right television game show, the Right Prize slot game will be right up your alley and offer a really special gambling experience for you. That’s because this slot game comes with many of the same features as the hit television show, and it has a similar look as well. That doesn’t mean that this slot is perfect for everyone, but if you’re interested, you should read on to learn all that this slot game has to offer you.

Place a Bet

The Right Prize slot game offers a range of betting options suitable for most players out there. If you want to keep most of your money, you can risk as little as $.01 with every spin of the reels, though you won’t activate all the paylines and you won’t have a chance to win very big either. If you want to risk a bit bigger, you can lift up that bet amount to as much as $250 per spin of the reels. That’s a much larger bet, it will activate all 25 paylines and give you a chance to win very big from this slot game as well.

Bright and Flashy

The first thing you’ll notice about this online slot game is that it’s exceptionally bright and flashy. The whole game is covered with a bunch of flashy lights, and the graphics depict different scenes from a hit television show. You’ll feel just like you are on a game show when you play the rounds, and that’s the whole point of this slot.

Free Spins

This slot game offers a special free spin round where you can get up to 10 free spins. During the free spin rounds you still have the chance to unlock one of the many different bonus games so that you can win even more cash.

Mammoth Jackpot

The Right Prize gives you the chance to win a top jackpot of as much as $300,000 if you’re one of the lucky few players that unlocks this. To do so you have to bet the maximum amount of money while you play, and you need to get the very biggest win that you can. It’s not easy to do, but it’s certainly possible and that makes this slot game more exciting than the options out there with smaller payouts.

Four Bonus Games

One unique feature of this slot game is all the different bonus games that are available. There are four of them in all and they’re triggered by the three wheel symbols. These symbols unlock Chip Drop, Spin to Win, Pick a Prize and the Right Prize bonus rounds. Once you have the bonuses triggered you can go ahead and try to win a big cash prize. The Right Prize bonus game is very similar to a showcase showdown type game, and will give you the opportunity to fight for a very large prize.

The Right Prize is a cool slot game that’s fun for game show enthusiasts. It has lots of bonus features to keep things interesting and awards a solid top prize as well.