Sheriff vs. Bandits Slots

Sheriff vs. Bandits is an online slot set in the time of the Wild West, where outlaws ruled, and sheriffs battled them in epic fights. The game pits a sheriff against a bandit trying to get away with stolen money from the bank. The slot is set in an old town, and features wanted posters, a saloon, and more powerful graphics that bring everything to life. We were thrilled with the look of this game the first time we tested it, and we're also reviewing the other features.

A Modern Slot from Dragon Gaming

Dragon Gaming is a newer slot development company known for producing games with stunning graphics, animations, and incredible features. The company doesn't have a huge roster of games, but there are dozens of high-quality options to choose from with the company.

A Standard 5x3 Slot

Many of the newest slot games feature progressive jackpot prizes to play for. This game doesn't have that feature. This basic 5x3 slot has bonuses and plenty of powerful features, but the jackpots and prizes are all fixed.

10 Fixed Paylines and Standard Wagering

This game has just ten paylines, and they are all turned on each time you play. With such a small number of lines to wager on, you don't have a vast range of wagering options to choose from. Wagering options jump up rapidly, and there are only a few wagering options to choose from, making it difficult to bet the perfect amount when playing. Gamblers can bet a low of $0.10 per spin and a high of $50.00 per spin.

A Moderate Paytable

The prizes for this game aren't huge, and the biggest payout you can get is only worth 500 coins from a single payline. That means that you should try for multiple wins while playing the game, and you can't get one single win that's big enough to be life-changing.

Choose the Bandit or Sheriff Free Spin Game

This game has a free spin bonus that allows you to choose whether you want to play on the side of the bandit or the sheriff. The side you choose determines how many spins you get and what multipliers are placed on your wins. Get familiar with both options and choose the one that appeals to you most to improve your experience with this slot game.

A Low Value Slot

This game doesn't offer the same return value as other online slots. About 94% of the money wagered on this game is given back as prizes, which is lower than the 96% that many other games average.

Works on Mobile

Mobile gameplay is one of the favorite ways gamblers can play slots online today, and there are many different options. If you want to savor your favorite games without traveling, you can do that using a smartphone or tablet at a compatible casino. When you play this slot, you can enjoy it in the web browser of your favorite mobile device, just the same as you would on a computer.

Play for Cash or For Fun

Many of the newest online slots are built with demo and real cash modes. You can choose between these options and play the game exactly how you want to. When you are careful to select the mode you're most comfortable with, you can move on to experiencing the game the way you want to.

Sheriff Vs. Bandits is a beautiful slot with cool features, and it's the type of game that players interested in the Wild West should spend some time with. We wish the game offered a better payout value, but other than that, the game is entertaining, and it's worth spending time getting to know it.