Casino Tournaments are offered online and at mobile casinos. The casino tournament is not a replacement for online and mobile gaming but rather an extra, a bonus that allows players to enjoy the casino games at a lower cost. Players can join tournaments for free or place a small value entrance fee that is added to the pot. The pot is the amount that the participants in the tournaments can win. A schedule of the tournaments is offered at the casino for weekly and monthly options. Players can register in advance to join a tournament or they can join a tournament when one becomes available at takes their fancy. The sit and go tournaments may be free or require a small entry fee.

Different Tournament Games

Slots are the main games that players can find at the tournaments but there are other games including blackjack and roulette that are offered in the tournaments and some casinos also offer different card games where the player will compete against other players in a round of games and the results are detailed on a leader board. The winner is declared after a certain amount of rounds. The payouts for the tournament are either one lump sum for the winner or the player wins a portion of the money that has been dedicated to the tournament.