Wheel of Chance 5 Reel Slots

If you’re a Wheel of Fortune fan, you’ll just love the look feel and performance of the Wheel of Chance 5 reel slot game. It’s modern, it looks nice and it boasts many of the same features that kept the famous gameshow successful for so long. You’ll have a chance to spin the wheel in the bonus game, and you’ll see many of the symbols that you would expect from this cartoony version of the popular game show.

Cartoony Symbols are Fun

This slot game features a major cruise ship, a brand new car, a guy lounging on the beach, stacks of cash and special bonus symbols that are all bright and vibrant to look at. Each time that you spin the reels you’ll see a large collection of potential prizes to be won, and that’s the fun of the Wheel of Chance slot game.

Free Spin Rounds

The scatter symbol shows on the reels regularly and offers payouts no matter what reels it appears on. Not only is the scatter an easy way to get some smaller prizes while gambling, but get three or more of them and you’ll unlock the free spins round as well. You’ll immediately unlock 10 free spins, which will give you some pretty good chances to win decent prizes. The scatter symbols are also unique because you’ll win a prize amount multiplied by your total bet, rather than your coin bet, which means if you get the top scatter prize of five symbols you’ll win 500 times your total bet, which is huge.

Wilds are Highly Lucrative

Just like in real life, the diamonds are highly lucrative in this game. Get five of them to unlock an 8,000 coin jackpot that’s worth up to $80,000. Four will award you with 1,000 coins. Even if you don’t get enough diamonds to get a wild jackpot, you can help complete other prizes on the reels, and any other prize that the diamonds are involved with gets doubled before it pays out.

The Wheel Bonus Game

To unlock the special wheel spinning bonus game you need to get the Bonus wheel symbol on reels 2 and 4 simultaneously. Do that and you’ll be spinning the wheel in an effort to unlock some very nice prizes. That’s the moment that most gamers are waiting for when they finally get to spin the wheel, and it’s a lot of fun.

Overall Wheel of Chance is a fun video slot game with some cool bonuses and a decent top jackpot. If you like Wheel of Fortune you’ll definitely want to try it out. Even if you don’t you’ll likely appreciate the features on offer.