3 Ways To Win Prizes While Playing Slots

Winning prizes – that’s what we are all trying to do when we play slots for real money, isn’t that right? It’s good to know you can win prizes in more than one way too. Some symbols are there to help you towards that end, such as the wilds for instance.

Make sure you read through our information here to find out how many ways you could start winning whenever you play a slot game.

Regular line prizes

This is the basic way to win prizes that is present in every game you play. It doesn’t matter how many or how few lines there are, your task is to make winning combinations to win prizes.

These might be anything from returning you the bet you just made, to winning many thousands of times your bet. It all depends how many matching symbols you get and where they land.

Prizes in free spins

Free spins are a useful way to enjoy some spins without paying for them. You must win these by triggering them in the base game. The great thing about free spins prizes is they are often bigger than those in the base game.

For example, wins secured with a wild might attract a multiplier. You might also get re-spins as part of the game. Other slots include a multiplier on every prize won during a free spin, which might be x2 or x3 or more, if you’re lucky.

Prizes in bonus features

These might be simple pick-me features, or skill-based games to determine your prize. The great thing about bonuses is that most of them do award you a prize of some sort. It is rare to exit a bonus feature in a slot game without winning something.

Some slots include a Win-Win feature too, which basically means you are guaranteed to win a certain amount. If it doesn’t happen during the bonus, you enter another feature at the end, or your win is determined some other way.

As you can see, plenty of slot games include far more than the chance to win simple line prizes. In fact, the latter is only likely to occur in basic three-reel slots. Most other games do offer at least one extra way to win prizes. The more ways there are, the more entertaining that game is going to be. And that sounds fine to us.

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