Free Spins Or A Second Screen Bonus – Which Is Better?

Many players would agree there is little to choose between these two bonus options in a slot game. But is one better than the other? Is it possible to pit the two against each other to find out which is best?

We thought we would do just that, so we can see whether one is the more successful bonus to find in a slot game.

Advantages of free spins

Free spins can be won in many slot games. They allow you to spin for free a certain number of times without playing a real money bet. However, if you get any winning combinations in those spins, you win real money (assuming you’re in real play mode).

Many games use the scatter as the trigger for these spins, and some award more spins for getting more scatters. Others offer you the choice of how many spins to play, with an associated multiplier involved as well. For example, the fewer the spins you choose, the higher the multiplier will go, and vice versa.

Advantages of a second screen bonus

These bonuses are great fun and are so-called because they occur away from the main reels on a second screen. The location is usually relevant to the theme. For example, a horror slot might send you into a graveyard to choose from the graves there. A shopping-themed slot might send you down the aisles of a supermarket.

Some slots also fit in more than one second screen bonus, so you get the chance to explore different locations. The great thing about these bonuses is there is no end to how good they can be. They are limited only by the imaginations of those who create the games.

Our verdict – which is the best option?

We love both these bonuses, but we must admit to preferring the second screen bonus. There is a caveat here, though – the bonuses should be creative and help enhance the theme used in the slot. Some are merely second screen pick games with very little to differentiate them from the other slots out there. You’ve probably played a few games like that already.

Of course, the ideal scenario is to have a situation where you get the chance to trigger free spins as well as a bonus on another screen – and ideally more than one! If you can find all that in a slot, it’s worth playing.