Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

There are thousands of different slot games today, and many of them are very similar to one another. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for different slots that offer different experiences. Fruit Loot Slot Wild X offers a fun take on the traditional classic slot, and it’s different enough for us to put together a full review on the slot experience. Take a minute to read through our review to learn what stands out about this slot, and you’ll be able to tell whether it’s the right game for you or not.

Test it Out with Demo Mode

There is a powerful demo mode available to try out Fruit Loot Slot with as well as the other WGS slot games. This makes it easy to give the slot game a try and to find out whether you like it or not. Test it out for yourself and then decide if the game is worth playing for you. With a short bit of testing you can find out whether you like the different features offered or not.

A Fruity Classic Theme

Fruit Loot is a modern take on the classic slot game. It includes elements from traditional classic slots, but builds on those elements to keep things fun and exciting. When you play around with this slot you’ll quickly realize that there is a lot for you to look forward to. There are wilds, there are free spins and there are multipliers to elevate your wins to new heights.

Made by Leading Developers

WGS or Wager Gaming Technology is a well-known slot developer that’s behind games offered around the world. This slot developer is small, but powerful with its features and its support. This means that you can count on the different games crafted by the company to be top-notch. WGS is quickly building a reputation for offering quality products, and it’s this focus on high quality that makes the different games worth playing around with as well.

Designed for Simple Fun

Fruit Loot is made to be as enjoyable as possible while still remaining simple to play around with. The slot game gives you access to a good mix of different features while still looking and feeling very much like a classic slot experience. Try the game for a short time and you’ll know how it works, but you’ll still find yourself looking forward to the winning opportunities yet to come your way.

An Advanced Classic Slot

There are many classic slots designed purely for simplicity, and they’re very basic to play around with. That’s not the case with Fruit Loot the online slot game. Instead, it’s a classic slot but with extras. It comes with free spins, multiplier wilds and five different paylines for you to wager on. It’s these extras that help and separate the slot from the others available today.

A Game with Five Paylines

There are a total of five paylines in this slot game, giving you more wagering options to play around with and more chances to win as well. If you’re looking for a classic slot with good solid opportunities, this is the one. You’ll enjoy all the different ways that you can play this slot game thanks to the additional payline options that you have to work with.

Decent Paying Opportunities

Fruit Loot offers solid paying opportunities to gamblers that are willing to spend the time playing, but the payouts aren’t massive enough to make anyone rich on one or two wins. The biggest payout is worth 300 coins if you have three credits wagered as you spin. That’s worth a maximum of $3,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount per credit as you spin the reels. That’s a decent amount of cash, but it’s not going to change your life. There are many different ways to win with this slot game, including cherry symbols and a wild symbol that both act as scatters. Get one or more of these symbols and you’re looking at an instant prize payout. There are many different combination prize opportunities as well to really up your chances of winning.

Choose a Comfortable Wager Amount

There is a good mix of wagering options available in Fruit Loot, making it easy to choose an amount you are comfortable with while playing this slot game. No matter if you want to wager big or small, you have the option to do that with this slot. The minimum wager amount is $0.01 and the maximum is $150.00 per spin. You can achieve these values by choosing to wager between one and three coins per line, turning one between one and five lines, and setting your coin values to between $0.01 and $10.00 per coin as you spin the reels.

Free Spins Offer Bigger Wins

One of the most prominent features of this slot game is the free spin bonus round. This special round is triggered by getting three of the free spin bonus symbols out on the reels at the same time. Do that and you’ll unlock 10 free games. During these free games your winnings are tripled and you can try for all the same winning combinations that work any other time. The biggest payout you can get during the free spins round is worth $9,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount, which is a bit more exciting than what you can expect from the standard rounds.

No Other Bonuses Available

Other than free spins there isn’t another bonus round to look forward to when playing Fruit Loot That doesn’t mean the slot is boring, but it does mean that all the special features are available during the standard rounds of the game. The multiplier wilds can payout at any point and you’ll want to watch for them to help you get your biggest wins.

Our Rating

We give Fruit Loot a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars for offering a good blend of features and making a classic slot that happens to be exciting to play as well. The game isn’t perfect, but it is worth testing out if you’re after a game that you will actually enjoy playing. We couldn’t give it a higher score because the payouts just aren’t high enough, but that’s the one major drawback that this slot game has.

Smaller Prize Wins

Players hoping to strike it rich on Fruit Loot Slot Wild X are likely to be disappointed with their win potential while playing this slot game. There are some okay prize payouts to be had, but for the most part they are disappointing when looking for big wins. This slot focuses on paying out smaller prizes frequently. You can win up to $9,000 during the free spin bonus, or $3,000 during the standard rounds, but most of the time the prizes will be much smaller in size.

Free Money Play is Available

By clicking on the slot game without being signed in you can test out the game for free. This is convenient when you want to learn more about the different features and you aren’t interested in spending money on a slot you aren’t familiar with. It doesn’t give you a full look at how the game feels to play though, and for that you’ll have to go through the steps to play with real money.

Getting Started with Real Money is Easy

The process to begin playing for real money is a simple one to go through. Join a WGS casino and fill out the full registration form. Complete your deposit into the casino account with one of the approved deposit methods and start wagering for real money. It’s as simple as that.

Decent Mobile Support as Well

If you enjoy Fruit Loot you can take the game with you on the go as well with your smartphone or tablet. The game is designed to run smoothly in mobile web browsers, which means that you can pop it open on any device that supports Flash Player and play a few rounds of the slot game easily.

Fruit Loot is a nice looking online slot game for gamblers that appreciate classic slot games. It’s not the perfect slot for every gambler out there, but if you’re searching for a classic slot with a good feature set, you’ll likely enjoy this one. It lacks in terms of maximum prize payouts per turn, but still manages to be fun and interesting.