Hero School: All for One Slots

Hero School: All for One is an anime-themed slot about new superheroes learning about their powers and becoming great. The slot is packed with interesting bonus perks and more, and it has a unique look compared to most other slot games that are available today. It’s a unique gambling experience and something that interests us, but it may not be the slot experience for you, depending on what you’re looking for. Find out whether the game is a good fit for you or not by reading through our full review below.

Made by Dragon Gaming

We aren’t very familiar with Dragon Gaming, but the software company is responsible for excellent titles. There aren’t a vast number of games available through this software company, but gamblers that join a casino that supports Dragon Gaming will get access to games from other software providers as well and can still have a huge selection to play with.

A Fixed Prize Slot Game

There aren’t any progressive jackpots in this game, which means that you’ll always win a fixed amount of cash while playing this gambling game. That’s excellent news for players that want to win consistently, but it may dissuade players that want to win the biggest prizes. It’s important to note that big wins are still possible from this game, and some players win hundreds of thousands of dollars on single spins during the free spin bonus.

An Interesting Anime Hero Theme

An appealing aspect of this slot is its stylish anime-styled symbols, and we enjoyed the look of these different symbols. Even the standard card symbols have a nice large anime look to them. If you’re looking for a nice-looking slot game, you’ll either love or hate the hero-themed characters in this anime-style slot.

10 Fixed Paylines

This slot is affordable to play with just ten paylines, though your wagering options are a bit limited because of this setup. If you don’t mind a smaller chance for wins with each spin, this game’s setup isn’t wrong. We came to expect a moderate number of wins, and that’s what we got by playing this slot game.

Just Okay Wagering Options

One area that this slot falls short in big-time is its wagering options. It’s possible to bet between $0.20 and $90.00 per spin, but the wager adjustments are large, taking away most of your control over your final wager amount. That means that you’ll be changing your bet amount by a large amount as you adjust through the range, and you may not be able to wager the amount that you want if it’s in the middle of the betting range.

Simple Autospin

The auto spin feature is activated by a single button press, and it allows you to choose between 10 and 1,000 spins. The feature will go through the designated spins until they’re done, you’re out of money, or you stop the feature manually. It’s quick and easy and helps you avoid pressing spin again and again if you don’t want to do so.

The Paytable is Full of Small Prizes

If you’re looking for a slot with a generous paytable, this isn’t the one. The game only gives out a maximum payline prize of 150 coins, which is tiny compared to most other slot games. Wins drop from 150 to 100, down to 75 coins. Of course, you can get many of these wins in a single spin, and the free spin bonus multiplies these wins for you, but this is all you can expect during the base game.

A Heroic Free Spin Bonus Round

Most of the top wins get unlocked during the free spin bonus round in this slot. This round triggers when you get three or more of the bonus symbols, and getting more bonus symbols leads to greater rewards.

Each time the free spin bonus round starts, you’ll get between three and five added special features that last throughout the bonus spins. This additional perks included additional wilds, prize multipliers, expanding symbols, and additional free spins.

There’s a chance that you’ll trigger some random added features during your free spins. You could randomly get a 200x prize payout, you could trigger one extra game with all five bonus picks activated, or you could get an Ultra Spin with all the reels full of wild symbols. The best wins come from the free spin bonus round, and gamblers spend their time trying to unlock this particular round while playing.

Special Quest Bonus

During the free spin bonus game, you also have a chance to unlock an additional set of bonus perks known as the Special Quest Bonus. When this bonus is active, you are guaranteed to get more bonus symbols or three wins, including hero symbols, or you are guaranteed to get five wins in a row during the bonus game. This side quest adds more winning opportunities to the bonus game and can result in huge prize-winning combinations.

Try it For Free First

If you’re interested in testing this slot game without spending money, it’s possible to do this wherever it’s offered. The game comes with a Demo mode that runs for free. Open this mode using your casino account, and you can try all the features of the slot without spending real money. The only downside to playing in this mode is that you can’t get any real cash prizes while you play in this way.

Start Playing for Real Money when You Want

Whenever you’re ready to play for real cash prizes, you can do so with this slot. To play for real money, you need a valid casino account that’s funded. If you have that, you can load the slot in the standard mode and start wagering immediately. Any wins that you achieve while playing the game in this mode will payout for real, and that helps to make the game more exciting to play.

Unlock over $220,000 in One Spin

While most of the wins for this game are small, you can get major payouts too. In fact, it’s possible to win as much as $222,100 in a single spin of this slot with enough luck. To do this, you must be playing the free spin bonus round. While in this round, you can win significantly more money, and this is how the biggest wins are all achieved.

Just an Okay Value Game

This game offers an okay value and pays out approximately 96% of the money it takes from gamblers back as prize money. This isn’t bad, though there are certainly other slots that offer a better value overall. If you want the best value games this, isn’t it. If you just want a decent value, this game is a good option.

Built for Mobile

This Hero Academy slot is designed for mobile gamblers in mind, and it will work well on most mobile devices. If you want to take this on a tablet or smartphone, you’ll be impressed by how well the game works on either of those types of devices. It loads fast and looks nice in a mobile browser, and there aren’t any apps to download before you can play.

Rating the Slot

We dedicated significant time testing this game, and after that testing, we rated the slot a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. We gave it this rating because we thoroughly enjoyed the free games bonus feature and the graphics, but we wish the game offered larger pays on its table and more bonus features.

Overall, Hero School is an entertaining slot with a lot of exciting features. It looks and feels different than most other slots that we’ve played in the past, and we appreciate that. If you’re trying to find a slot that will give you a different play experience, this one needs to be near the top of your demo list. Try it for free today, or play the game with your casino balance for a chance at some huge wins.