Slot With No Bonuses Or Free Spins

Slots, slots, slots… sometimes it seems every bonus under the sun has already been thought of. And then someone comes up with something new and intriguing to get us hooked once again.

So, is it worth playing Games that do away with all the bonuses and free games on offer in lots of other slots? Or would those games be too dull to play for long? Well, there are some good reasons why you should try these games. Do you agree with our reasoning?

These tend to be classic slots

Most slots without any bonus features tend to be classic ones. This means you will get three reels, one payline, and lots of cherries and other fruity icons. This is about as basic as a slot can get. Even when you see other themes used for these slots, many of them remain basic in nature.

They are great for newcomers to slot game play

As hard as it may be to believe, there are some people who have never played a slot game in their lives! If you are among them and you are unsure where to begin, a classic slot with no bonuses involved is the best way to start. These don’t provide you with any complex bonus rules or features, or anything to worry about other than spinning the reels. They are the ideal jumping-on point to get started with.

Sometimes all you want is to play an uncomplicated slot

Lots of players head for the bonuses, the free spins, the on-reels bonuses… everything a slot can offer them. But sometimes, you may feel like you want something a lot simpler. This is where the basic slots come in.

There is nothing wrong with playing these basic slots, because they can make a change from the more complex ones you might usually play. If you have a small budget this week, you can also make it stretch further by playing a single-payline game. Bigger games tend to mean a bigger minimum bet if you want to cover all the lines.

So yes, sometimes it is worth playing simple slot games. Some people prefer them, no matter what else might be available. For others, it might simply be a case of enjoying a change from the usual games they would play. What would suit you if you gave these games a try?