Why Do Gems Pop Up In So Many Slot Games?

Some slot game themes are very popular because they always prove entertaining for players to try. You could say the same of certain icons that appear in these games too. Think of cherries, for example – they crop up in lots of three-reel games.

But moving beyond those, there are other icons we tend to see a lot too. Gems are regularly appearing in slots nowadays. You certainly wouldn’t need to look too far to encounter some games filled with gems. But why?

They look great

When the graphics used to create a slot game are outstanding, gems look sensational when they sparkle their way onto the reels. They can logically appear in many colors too, which makes any game look appealing.

They can be used as a standalone theme or as part of a larger theme

This is another good element to the gems. Some slots have been designed to revolve around these alone. Much as fruit slots revolve around all the familiar fruity symbols you might encounter, you can enjoy some great slots based around gems too.

However, we have also seen them put to good use in slot games based on other themes. Treasure-based themes are a good example of this, as well as pirating ones where the pirates have plundered some treasure. Who knows where else you might find them – in mines, perhaps?

They can be worth different amounts, just as in reality

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies… there are lots of gems around and they can all appear in slots online today. The diamonds tend to be worth the most, but they might also take on other roles, such as a wild icon. The great thing is you would expect your gems to be worth different amounts, which makes it a more logical type of icon to see in a slot game.

Gems play an essential role in many games, and they are popular among players as well. Five diamonds on a paid line will typically reward you very nicely indeed, but you should always refer to the paytable for a slot game to see just how much these gems are worth to you. Among all the symbols that could be used for a slot, we think gems are a versatile and appealing choice. How many games have you played that include them, and did you manage to win some nice prizes?