Why Have Dragons Proven To Be A Popular Slot Game Addition?

The great thing about slot Games is you can go anywhere, do anything, and meet anyone. Want to meet Caesar? You can. Want to fight mighty dragons or go in search of the Golden Fleece? You can. Anything is possible.

Maybe that is why we find lots of slot games with dragons as part of the theme. Dragons are mighty, fearsome creatures, and while they may be mythical, there is something appealing about the thought of facing them. We think there are several key reasons why they keep appearing in slot games. Do you agree with our reasons?

They make great wild icons

A dragon is truly wild, wouldn’t you say? That’s why they regularly appear in this role. They might also bring some wild features to the game if you’re lucky. Have you seen a dragon breathe fire and set fire to some of the icons, turning them wild? Maybe the dragon will be a welcome sight for you if it does something like this!

They add some drama to the game

Dragons equal drama in our eyes. Some games use cartoon dragons and make them cute and cuddly. But others take great care to provide detailed images of dragons to add some depth to the game. You might see more than one type too, and if so, you might also see different features attached to each one. Don’t be too surprised if they trigger different bonuses as well.

They can help or hinder your gameplay, depending on the theme

For all their mightiness and fearsome fire-breathing skills, dragons can be pretty useful at times. You might also see them in less useful roles though, especially if a knight is also included in the game. Knights will take on dragons, and if this type of scenario is added to a slot, you can bet you will be on the side of the knight, trying to slay the dragon for prizes.

Dragons are a popular choice among software developers. They might appear as part of a different theme or as the main attraction. But whichever way they appear, you can expect them to bring bags of drama (or fun) with them. If you haven’t played a slot game featuring a dragon yet, look for some online now. You might be surprised how many you can find when you start looking.