7x Lucky 7s Slots

Seven is the magic number. The number that signifies winning and the number you see most on traditional 3 Reel Slot machines. 7x Lucky 7s goes 7 steps further with 7 times the excitement. There is beauty in a simple, pure game as this. It is not cluttered or projecting a theme but simply putting you in the driving seat with a great game; 7x Lucky 7s.

This game is part of a new series of soon to be released games; the Wild X. There are eight winning Symbol combinations on a solitary Pay Line. There are two Wild symbols and a great, must win, progressive jackpot as high as $25,000. The "double up" feature effectively enables you to double your wager and winnings at the touch of a button. The Up and Down buttons allow you to modify your bets either way and it is possible to bet one, two or three credits per spin (game). Coin values start from as low as $0.01 and increase to a maximum of $5 per credit. This wide betting range allows newcomers to start slow until fully familiar with the game flow, then to up the betting as time passes. A healthy $5 upper limit will satisfy the more daring players, but remember, the more one bets, the higher the winnings. The system is progressive and the payout percentages are fair and generous.

Another great feature the 7x Lucky 7s offers players is the progressive Jackpot. Everyone is eligible to partake in it, no matter the size of the wager or the coins. Obviously, the chances of winning increase with the size of the wager, but still, even a small bet can net you a lucrative cash prize by winning the Jackpot. The value of the Jackpot is always displayed on the Pay Table on your screen.

It is gratifying to play 7x Lucky 7s and if this game is a prelude to the other releases expected in the Wild X series, then there is a lot to look forward to. The game manages to push all the buttons that turn on players to casino games. 7x Lucky 7s has no distractions or childish themes just a pure gaming experience in a traditional setting as one would find in a physical casino but with the added luxury of playing anywhere. The platforms are available for tablets and mobile smart phones as well as lap/desktop versions. By keeping the design straightforward and simple, 7x Lucky 7s is a sure fire hit. Expect the unexpected and get back to basics. Enjoy an online casino game as it should be experienced, with the best. The best is 7x Lucky 7s.