How Important Are Color Schemes In Slots?

How often do you think about the colors presented to you on screen when you’re playing a slot game? There is a good chance you don’t think about them too much. However, if you’ve ever sat down to play a slot and been greeted by some neon colors or super-bright colors, we bet you’ve noticed those!

Equally, if a slot design is simple and uses very basic colors, you might notice that too. We thought we’d dive in and see just what we can learn from slot game color schemes.

Too bright to play for long?

If a software developer goes to all the trouble of developing a new game, they want to be sure players will like it enough to play it for prolonged periods. If the colors they use are garish, clash with each other, or are just too bright, chances are that is not going to happen.

This is an important point to note, because a slot game that fits these elements may not prove to be a long-term favorite for anyone.

Certain colors help bring out the best in a theme

If we asked you to think of an Egyptian-themed slot, you’d probably have a very good image in your mind’s eye of what those slots would look like. This includes the colors used. Games featuring tropical animals will have certain colors present too, as will those that play out in mines or in the African jungle. If something different is used, it will clash and won’t sit well with the theme.

Color combines with detail to further enhance a good theme

Of course, we all know color is just a small part of the overall presentation of the theme. But when a software developer puts a lot of detail into the images used in a slot, that detail works incredibly well when the right colors are used. The appearance may well go from great to outstanding, simply for using certain colors to bring out the best in a slot.

You may be right in thinking color is way down on the list of priorities for anyone playing a slot game. But since you will be looking at the screen for a while when you are playing a game, it makes sense it would be good if the game looked wonderful. How do you rank color in the essentials of an online slot game?