Bonus Symbols: Points To Remember

Who doesn’t love a slot game bonus feature? The limits of these bonuses are only set by the imaginations of the people who develop the games. Most slot players love games that include bonuses. That’s why we thought we would look at some of the elements to bear in mind if you intend to play some bonus slots soon.

There could be more than one type in a slot game

One bonus is good but two or more are way better! You never know how many bonuses you might get in a single slot game. Betsoft is known for producing sensational 3D slots that have lots of bonuses included. Some occur on the reels while you play the game, and others take you to second screens showing other parts of the game that could produce prizes. If there are several bonuses, each one will be triggered by a specific icon.

They might need to appear in specific places to trigger a bonus

Sometimes, three bonus icons are all you need, regardless of where they land. However, we have played slots where the bonus icon must appear three times on a payline from the left side of the screen for it to count. Other games stipulate the symbol must appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. You never know, which is why reading the instructions before you begin is usually a good idea.

You can sometimes win a credit prize as well as triggering the bonus

This depends on the individual game. Sometimes, the trigger will unlock the bonus and you will then play it to see what you can win. However, if you are lucky, you might get a credit win for the bonus trigger as well. This is more common if the scatter is used as the bonus trigger. In some cases, you might get a bigger credit prize for finding four or five of the bonus/scatter symbols to trigger the feature.

You can see how entertaining it is to play a slot with one or more bonus elements factored into gameplay. We sure do love bonuses, and we know lots of other slot players do too. They transform a slot and make it more fun to play. You never know when bonuses might be triggered. In fact, you sometimes get random triggers for a bonus where no special symbols are required at all! Now that is something different.