Beach Party Slots

Do you enjoy going to the beach and having fun under the sun? This game delivers sun, sea and sand just as a real experience to the beach would do. This is the game with beach based fun as Beach Party Slots seems to be the real deal. Grains of sand appear very realistically on your screen as you start to play the game. The sun is setting in the background but it is still warm and the sea is flowing softly up and down onto the sand. Waves are rippling from the tropical breeze and you can see palm trees on the top corners of the screen as they sway in the light wind.

The setting is idyllic and the game is fantastic plus the rewards are great so this game is definitely worth playing. The letter and number symbols are huge and you can imagine that they were drawn by regular beach goers. You will also see two tropical drinks, a dartboard and dancing bikini girls on the reels, which make up the party atmosphere of this fabulous game.

Beach Party Slots is easy to play and you will be jumping for joy as you feel the sun’s warmth on your face. The colours used here are green and black colours of the palette used. Lines are paid from left to right, there is also the auto spin mode, spin, max bet and bet options. You can adjust the lines and bet using the minus and plus symbols found on the left and right of the display. All in all, this game is very easy and relaxing to play.

To use the auto spin mode, press the auto spin button and the reels will be played automatically for you. This will make the game go faster. You can sit back and relax as you watch the reels spinning. Watch and wait as your rewards pile up. The game will stop automatically if you run out of money or else you can stop the game yourself by using the spin button and start spinning manually again by pressing the spin button.

What sort of party are you expecting in Beach Party Slots? Mellow or exciting? To tell the truth, it is a mixture of both mellow and exciting. Mellow sunshine and sea and relaxing mood and exciting to find and win great rewards. It is really a holiday mode in this calm atmosphere. The soundtrack also is appropriate with this calm theme throughout. So you can imagine yourself relaxing on a warm sunny beach with the sound of the sea in your ears.

This slot has 5 reels and 10 pay lines and allows you to play comfortably and in a laid back way. When you spin and win, you will hear various sound effects depending on the symbol. But what will always remain is the sound of collecting coins, which is so satisfying when the wins rack up. There are many bonus symbols in Beach Party Slots and these will help you on your way to finding the treasure. You can also choose to double your winnings after a good win or else you can choose to take you winnings and play on. Just be aware that if you decide to double your winning, if you lose instead of winning, you could come away with nothing.

In this game there is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The wild symbol will reward you by completing pay lines that you usually would not have been able to win. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, will reward you with 15 free spins whenever you land three or more of them on the screen. In Beach Party Slots during the free spins round, you will have a multiplier of 3 applied to all your winnings. You can increase this multiplier if you manage to get a dart in the middle reel during your free spins. So the free spins in this game have some added zest.

This slow paced game delivers a pretty chilled slots experience as it is a slow paced slot game. Come to Beach Party Slots, unwind and relax, and have some fun playing this game to be able to win some pretty interesting rewards. Come to the beach and have some sun baked fun in the sun as you win your way through free spins and bonuses.

Do you want to go away on a holiday by the sea taking in the fantastic atmosphere and listening to the sounds of the sea? Then Beach Party Slots is the game for you. Totally relaxing yet profitable too, this game will put you in a mellow mode. It’s time to play this game today as we are pretty sure that this is soon to become your favourite slot game!