Slots with Unusual Formats

Are you the type of slots player who always goes for slots with 20 paylines, five reels, and lots of other familiar elements involved too? If so, you might be interested to read our reasons for changing things up a bit. If you try some unusual formats when playing slot games, it could change the whole way you look at them in future.

Ways to win provides more possible winning combos per spin

Paylines are easy to understand. You get a set number per slot and that’s that. But you can also play slots with ways to win. 243 ways to win is typically the smallest number and can be presented on a 5 x 3 reel format. You might also see many hundreds or even thousands of ways to win, depending on the number of reels provided, and the positions on those reels. Suffice to say you could trigger lots of wins on a single spin.

Four or more icons per reel gives additional winning chances too

Many slots go for the traditional three icons on each reel. However, you can play games that bring you four or more icons on every reel instead. These allow more room for more paylines to be added, perhaps up to 100 of them. Other games go for more ways to win instead – all good news for you.

Unusual formats also bring the chance to enjoy other features

If the software developer has gone to the trouble of starting with an unusual format, they may well add other unusual features too. For example, you might get more than one bonus trigger. We’ve also seen different on-reels features to watch out for while playing. All these usually feed into the theme used for each game, so there is a lot to enjoy when you try these out.

We all have our favorite features when it comes to these slots. However, you can see why looking for different formats is well worth it. They tend to bring you different slots that make for an unusual and entertaining experience. We’ve only mentioned a few alternative formats here – believe us when we say there are many more. Look for the 2-3-4-3-2-reel format for example, with those numbers of icons per reel. The diamond appearance is a good one, and yet another unusual format you can look for. Which one will you like most?