Free Spins Option

Many slot games feature free spins as one of the available bonuses you could win while playing. You cannot guarantee you will see this feature, and when it does appear it might be the only bonus option available in that slot.

However, some games like to treat you. They might offer you the choice of three or more free spins options. So, if you get that choice, which one is the best option to take?

The more free spins the better?

Hmm, possibly. A typical selection would be something like this:

• 20 free games with each prize multiplied by x2 • 10 free games with each prize multiplied by x3 • 5 free games with each prize multiplied by x5

As you can see, the more games you opt for, the lower the multiplier will be. So, if you’d rather get as many free spins as you can, go for the highest total. Since you can never guarantee a free spin will produce a win, it makes sense to go for the highest number you can get.

Would you opt for fewer free spins to get a higher multiplier?

Some people do, because while you don’t get as many spins, the prizes won during those spins will be far higher in value. For example, one prize of 100 coins in the third example given above would produce a prize of 500 coins thanks to that multiplier. Just one or two prizes in those five free games would make them worthwhile.

Choosing a game where options are provided is best!

Maybe the best part of this scenario is the fact you’re getting a choice at all. If you find a game you love, you may well intend to play it for longer. You might also want to return and play it time and again. If so, it is great to know you have, say, three options when you get to play the free spins feature.

If you like playing lots of spins, you can go for the first option if you get the three mentioned above. But next time, maybe you could try the second option, going for fewer spins but a bigger multiplier. And if you get lucky and trigger it again, you could try the third version. As such, it is a great thing to see when you are playing a game for a long time.