Why Do We Love Space Themed Slots So Much?

When we started researching this article, we were amazed at how many space-themed slots were out there. We found Alien Planets, Astro Nomical, The Atomic Age, Cosmic Cat… and those are just the first handful we discovered.

One thing is for sure, though – if software developers notice lots of people are playing games on a certain topic, they will create more games based on that same topic. And there are lots of reasons why people always go for space slots.

They’re out of this world…

Literally and figuratively, don’t you think? They take us away from planet earth and show us new worlds and planets. We meet all kinds of people and characters, and anything can happen. And in a slot game, that is a good thing!

They can be set in modern day or in the future

We have explored space already – or at least, some part of it. So, it is not unusual to see games based on our knowledge of space as we know it today. However, you will also find lots of slot games that head into the future to bring us their vision of what space might be like then. Expect ray guns, spaceships, futuristic elements, and much else besides.

They allow for aliens to pop up

From Alien Attack to Alien Spinvasion, and Alien Planets to Alien Hunter, you will never run short of space-themed slots with aliens on board. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes not so much. But you can usually count on them triggering some bonus features or free spins if the game you’ve chosen has these features included in the mix.

There are plenty to choose from

You might already have guessed this, but it is worth covering in more detail. You can watch out for lots of unusual games such as Gagarin-61, Galactica, Invaders from the Planet Moolah, and It Came From The Moon. We could make a huge list of all the space slots we found while writing this, and more would probably be released before we finished it. Whatever you like to play, we suggest you look through some of the biggest and best online slots based on this theme. We doubt you will be disappointed, and if you pick a good one, you could bring home some prizes as well.

Watch out for those aliens – they can be more useful than you might think!