Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab Slots is the perfect game for all those players who love playing classic slot machines and this game will make you feel as though you are actually standing in front of an actual slot machine in your favourite casino. The game also has a few surprises up its sleeve and lots of huge wins to compete for. So if you are thinking of having something of a laid back yet exciting type of slot playing session online, then this is the one slot that you are sure to enjoy.

This game is a 3 reel classical type of slot machine that offers a basic no nonsense type of slot playing structure. It is a 1 pay line game with a good mix of both traditional and modern slot play. It comes with a wild icon, a multiplier, and a progressive jackpot feature. Cash Grab Slots is exactly that – grabbing cash. It is simple yet exciting. These slots do everything to create the perfect illusion of a virtual casino. It is a classic themed slot but if you are expecting fruit symbols that are synonymous with most traditional slot games then you are going to be disappointed because in their place you will find Cash, Colourless Diamonds, Purple Diamonds, Orange Diamonds, Cash Grab Coins and Lou. The game title is available at the top of the screen in a shiny yellow-gold colour that is attractive to the eyes. The same yellow-gold colour fills the background. The graphics are all visually appealing with the use of a mixture of green and yellow-gold colours.

The basic gameplay of Cash Grab Slots is as simple as you can imagine. The command bar located at the bottom of the game screen mimics the big square buttons present on any classic slot machine, and their functions are quite self-explanatory. Try to win as many combinations as you canon that pay line to pocket the various cash prizes that come with them. Use the arrows to adjust the coin value and choose to bet either 1 coin, 2 coins or 3 coins on your next spin. The pay line will then light up according to your settings in order to highlight the different rewards which you are entitled to. Us the play max button if you want to go all-in on the next spin and risk it all for a chance to hit the jackpot.

The pay table is conveniently displayed at the right side of the screen and you can clearly see the cheerful Lou at the top right hand corner. Underneath Lou there is a screen showing some of the bonus features and multipliers that you can win. Choose how many coins you wish to wager on one single pay line and if you decide to play just one coin per spin you will have the chance of winning a jackpot pay out of 800 coins. However, if you decide to play the Cash Grab game with two coins in play, then the value of that jackpot becomes 1600 coins, so you will get double the rewards if you double your wager. The higher you bet, the larger your prizes.

The pay table of Cash Grab Slots contains a decent array of very classic reel symbols. The most common icons are the cherries which award small prizes. The bar signs come in single, double or triple size. The red sevens and Cash Grab logos come as the last awards and are the biggest prizes of all. The cherries can be combined with other symbols on the pay line to form a mixed combination and trigger a small cash prize. The largest win possible corresponds to 1600 times the value of your wager for a triple logo combination on a 2 coin bet. If you put a 3 coin bet on the table, a few special features are unlocked. You could get extra occasions to win extra big prizes on the reels.

The game logo combination now awards a 2400 x big win and each logo acts as a wild card to replace any other symbol. A combination featuring a wild has its value doubled and 2 wild in the same combination simply quadruple its cash value. Look out for the special bonus symbol. This money bag can only show up on the last reel, and when it does, then the bonus feature of Cash Grab begins. Now you have to choose between 3 cash bags or to pocket the cash that your bag contains.

So now is the time to sit yourself down and to spin the wheels. With Cash Grab Slots you will feel as though you are in front of a reel classic slot machine and this make the game much more interesting and exciting. What are you waiting for? Start spinning the reels today!