Three-Reel Vs Five-Reel Slots

Putting these two popular formats head to head is a tough thing to do. How on earth can we choose between them? Are there some intriguing things we could win, or is it more about the experience?

No one wants to play a boring slot game. However, we have different ideas about what boring means. We thought we would dive into the world of slots to explore these two common game types in more detail. Do you agree with our review?

Three-reel slots

With three reels, these games often have just one line to bet on. Some might fit in three or five, but it is rare to see any more than this. If a game uses a 3 x 3 matrix, it is possible to get eight paylines, but it is unusual. Although these games might include a wild, it is not certain. And you can forget about seeing a scatter, since there isn’t room to fit one in. Bonus features are rare too, although you can sometimes get a second-screen bonus. Often, just one bonus symbol is required to appear to trigger this.

Five-reel slots

With five reels in play, there is room to fit in plenty more paylines. We’ve seen up to 50 in action, and sometimes as many as 100. You might also spot four icons per reel instead of three. Wilds are almost always present, and scatters are quite common too. Scatters can often trigger some free spins. You will either get a fixed number or more for each scatter you find above a minimum of three. Bonuses are common as well, with some games fitting in all kinds of them. On-reels bonuses, second-screen bonuses… they are all possible in a five-reel slot.

Which format is the best one to play?

This is down to personal preference. Some people love the traditional format offered by three-reel slots. Others find these dull and predictable, instead preferring to play games with five reels and lots of bonuses and free spins.

Truthfully, both formats are fun to play, and both have much to offer. It is merely a case of considering what you love most about slot games. Do you think bigger is better? Do you love complex games or is it the simplicity of the three-reel version that appeals most? Only you will know the answer to that, and it will lead you to your favorite slots.