Cluster Pays: Points To Remember

Cluster pays slots have become more popular in recent times. They are still far less plentiful than the paylines slots, or even the ways to win slots, but they are good to play as an alternative slot game format.

We've put together some worthwhile points to remember when you are playing these slots. They might help you play them and to understand how they work.

You need several symbols in a cluster to win

These Games are so-called because you are required to find a cluster of matching symbols to trigger a prize. The symbols are worth different amounts as in any slot game, but you usually need three or more to win something. Some games require four or five as the minimum number, so do check before you play.

Only symbols touching vertically or horizontally will count

This is important. Let's say you get four identical symbols appearing together in a block of 2 x 2. If a fifth matching symbol appeared diagonally to the top-right of the corner symbol, it would not be counted. Only those to either side or to the top or bottom of the matching symbols, and which are touching them, will be counted.

The spin bet is calculated as if there was a set number of paylines

Since the games are worked out with clusters winning prizes, there are no paylines or ways to win in these slots. However, we must still work out how much to bet on them. So, for the purposes of working this out, the bet will usually assume a certain quantity of paylines is present. For instance, you might bet 30 coins per spin, or maybe 40. You can then multiply that number by whichever coin value you decide to go for.

Cluster pays slots are still relatively uncommon compared to other more familiar slot formats. However, with some great features shoehorned into these games, players do tend to enjoy them when they discover what they can offer. You will often still see a wild in these games, although scatters don't always appear. Watch out for bonus icons too, as they can pop up to make things more entertaining.

With several good cluster pays slots around today, you can look forward to having some cool games to play if you want to change things up a bit. How many matching symbols will you manage to find in a group?