Gladiator's Gold Slots

When in Rome……..the most popular form of entertainment under the Roman Empire was to watch gladiators fight wild animals, or each other, to the death. This game was inspired by legendary warriors. Their lives were hard and the living conditions tough, most of them were slaves and were denied the most basic rights as human beings. Their only hope was to become legendary gladiators and win the favours of their master. In Gladiators Gold, you will take their place and try to win the jackpot on the reels instead.

Gladiator's Gold is a 3-reel slot which offers 3 pay lines. It can easily be classified as a classic one due to its limited number of reels and pay lines as well as its fairly basic design. The main character in the game is a gladiator which you will see depicted below the reels. On his left side is conveniently positioned the pay table which shows the pay out each winning combination offers. The theme is inspired by the Roman Empire, in particular, by the gladiators who used to particulate in battles with other people or even animations. These events were a popular form of entertainment in the past which is the reason why these armed combatants are a suitable theme for slots.

The game screen is filled with command buttons and symbol lists, apart from the reels themselves of course. A rather cheerful gladiator poses in the background next to the game logo, wielding a sword and a chain. His broad smile can feel welcoming, but remember that gladiators were the toughest warriors across the Empire. You can guess some of the features of the stadium itself in the distance, such as marble columns and a crowd of spectators cheering.

In Gladiator's Gold, you can alter the number of active pay lines by using the 'Bet One' button. The minimum bet that can be put per spin is €0.25, whereas, the maximum is €15. In order to adjust the amount you wish to wager, you should simply use the '+' and '-" buttons that you can find below the logo of the game and the picture of the gladiator. The game matrix is rather small and features only 3 reels and 3 pay lines. The reels can stop in between symbols at the end of a spin, which could void an entire combination. To win, you need to line up combinations of three symbols on an activated pay line. The command bar located just under the reels can help you modify the size of your wager and the number of pay lines you want to bet on.

The pay table actually contains only two kinds of symbols: bar signs and sevens. As it is common with old school games, the pay table focuses on combinations instead of individual symbols. Bar signs are the most common symbols in the game, but also the least valuable. The lower combination that pays consists of three bar signs of any kind, followed by solid combinations of either single, double or triple bar signs in a row. The sevens are rarer but pay larger rewards in general. They can be either golden or red, and mixing the two kinds in a single combination still pays a modest prize. Golden sevens come after, and a combination of three red sevens can land you the biggest rewards of available in Gladiators Gold: up to 4000 times the value of your wager. Note that the red seven combinations can award different prizes depending on which pay line they land - diagonals being the most rewarding.

Moreover, the game offers a convenient Auto play feature which can be activated via the available Expert mode. Thanks to this feature, you can test your luck for a certain number of spins without having to hit the 'Spin' button every time you wish to set the reels in motion. It is worth noting that the Regular mode will be set by default when you first load the game. This means that you have to switch to the Expert mode manually by clicking on the respective button Gladiator's Gold is a very standard slot that will appeal the most to traditional players. It is the perfect option for those of you who wish to play a standard game. There are several reasons why the game might be worth a few minutes of your time and one of them is the great pay outs it offers. If you are lucky enough to get three red sevens on any of the three pay lines, you will receive a fairly decent cash prize. The top jackpot is awarded when you get three of these symbols on the third pay line which is active only if you play with the maximum number of coins. So what are you waiting for?