Holiday Feast Slots

Holiday Feast Slots is all about the feast of Thanksgiving with a classic lay out and with a modern game design and a bonus feature. It is an exciting and easy game to play. Naturally, we do not have to wait for the holidays to play this game as you can actually play it all the year round. This game is a notch above the other games because, despite the fact that it is only a three reel game, it has a lot of extra features that you would typically only expect to find in five reel games. In fact it has scatter symbols, wild symbols and a bonus round. It also has an amazing $24,000 top jackpot prize. Sit down and slice yourself a piece of cash pie today by playing one of the best online slots. Thanksgiving is the time of year for relaxing and having fun with your family members.

This is suitably easy to play, in keeping with the holiday spirit and it is pretty simple to master. The main part of the display features three reels, each wrapped in a random selection of symbols. To play the game, make a bet of between one and three coins and click the Spin Reels button. When the reels stop spinning, if matching symbols line up on the pay line, then you get paid out according to which symbols have lined up. It is actually really simple.

Holiday Feast Slots is a 3 reel, 1 pay line bonus classic slot. It has a jackpot which is worth 2400 coins. The coin size ranges from one cent to $10, with a $30 max per spin. The pay table is located at the top of the slot game so that you can view the symbols and pay outs easily. To win the all important jackpot of $24,000, you will need to bet the max. This classical game is full of interesting features, among them being a bonus game, a wild symbol and multipliers of up to 4 x. The features, while present in Holiday Feast Slots, are not automatically available to all players. Only those that select all three coins in their wagers will get the bonus games and the wilds with multipliers.

The symbols in this game represent Thanksgiving and include the following symbols: a Pilgrim’s hat, a Fall Leaf, triple, double bars, single bars, 3 pieces of pie and bars. The Pilgrim’s hat is the wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols. If you get one Pilgrim’s hat you will win 2 x your pay out. If you get 2 Hats you will win 4 x your pay out. If you get the Turkey Bonus symbol you will trigger the bonus round. If you get the Turkey and one or two pieces of pie you will win the bonus round as well as the pay outs for the pies. To trigger this game’s bonus feature you need to be playing on three coins. It is launched whenever the Bonus Turkey lands on the line. You are presented with a bunch of Turkeys sitting around, each hiding a random amount of cash. You can pick up to 3 Turkeys, but you can only keep the cash from under one of them.

The Hat that was common among the pilgrims who made that first voyage, is the wild symbol. Whenever you have one or two Hat wilds on the only pay line available, you will get a chance to form a combination, but you are not guaranteed one. The Settler Hat is a wild and is worth 2,400 coins, the Turkey is the bonus, the Maple Leaf is worth 160 coins, the Three Bar is worth 80 coins, the Two Bar is worth 50 coins, the One Bar is worth 20 coins and the Cake is worth 20 coins.

The game has a very Autumn themed design thanks to the Thanksgiving theme and it has lots of orange and red leaves in the background and with a pay table that uses the same mix of colours. The symbols are very well designed with the usual combination of classic and themed images that are so common in these games.

You can play this game for real money or else for fun money. If ever you want to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, then this is the game to play. It has a good title with special features and quality graphics. The lowest paying symbol in the game is the scatter symbol which is a big piece of Pie. This is a low but regular win. The second most valuable symbol in the game is the Leaf, a symbol of Autumn and finally a Traditional Hat worn by the founding fathers. Feel like getting into the mood of Thanksgiving? Then start playing Holiday Feast Slots today.