Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of Paradise Slots is made for bird lovers.It features a tropical tree theme, with symbols to match, including birds, binoculars, and nests. The other winning symbols are letters of the alphabet that appear to be made out of tropical bamboo. Adding to that, the background music behind the game is a relaxing tune, which really does work to pull you in. Theme wise, this game is sure to surprise a few people, as it proves to be rather all encompassing and it comes complete with avian graphics that seem to really fly off of the 5 reels and 25 paylines. There is a maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins, while bets can be made between 1 and 25 coins, worth between $0.01 and $5 per coin. This game has a great betting range of between just one penny and $125. You can earn the 10,000 coin maximum payout by creating a line of five wild Orange Build symbols. The scatter symbol slots in behind the aforementioned in the jackpot stakes, offering the second highest payout in the game.

Birds of Paradise Slots features ten different options, with related payouts ranging from 5 coins to the maximum 10,000 coins. The game features the traditional playing card symbols of 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace too. These symbols are split into three pay brackets with 9 and 10 having the same payout, along with Jack and Queen having the same payout and King and Ace also featuring the same payout. Even though two symbols have the same payout, you are not able to substitute one for the other. So, you would still need to line up three of the symbols from left or right to win unless you land a wild symbol to complete a combination. Find your luck in Birds of Paradise online slots; slot players, grab binoculars and enter the exotic world of birds.A Tropical Paradise theme is what you will find in Birds of paradise slots.The orange exotic bird substitutes for all other symbols except the scattered nest. The Scattered nest will trigger a number of free spins. The betting options are varied enough so just about anyone can play. Betting amounts are from $0.01 to $5.00 per line and you can select 1 line or all 25 lines to play. Birds of Paradise Slot game symbols pay from left to right, scatter wins pay in any position and pay outs are based on the pay table.

The Orange bird symbol is wild.The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols Except for the scattered nest bonus symbol.The Bird Nest symbol is the Scatter.The Scatter wins are depending on how they are scattered, you get free spins, refer to the pay scale for Scatter payouts.The Scatter wins pay when 3 or more Bird Nest anywhere on the 5 reels, independent of the pay lines selected.

Birds of Paradise also features scatter symbols in the form of eggs in a nest. With the scatter symbol you don’t need to line them up to win a prize. As long as two or more of them appear anywhere on the screen you win a prize.If you manage to get three or more of the scatter symbols to appear then you’re in the world of free spins again. This is on top of the initial payout that comes with landing such.

The free spins use the same amount of paylines and the same bet as the spin from which they were triggered.When you earn the above bonus you are treated to 20 free spins and, to make things even better, any prize you win is doubled during the free spins round. As such the total jackpot becomes a massive 20,000 coins and the prize for getting five scatter symbols goes from being 100x your bet to 200x. With that in mind, there’s a lot of money to be won during a free spin when you play Birds of Paradise.Free Spins begin when 3 or more scatter Bird Nest symbols appear anywhere on the 5 reels.20 Free Spins are awarded.All winning combinations are doubled during Free Spins.When 3 or more scatter Birds Nest symbols appear during Free Spins, an extra Free Spins will be added on to the current Free Spin amount. On maximum bet you can win from 100,000.00.

There are all kinds of exotic birds waiting for you in Birds of Paradise, so put yourself in the Exotic Land and enjoy the fun in this game. Be Marvelled by Birds of Paradise! There’s a lot of fun to be had with Birds of Paradise so take a trip to the exotic land today!