Wild Symbols: Points To Remember

Most slot players love to see wilds included in a game. These symbols are simple yet important – they make it easier for you to win prizes. Who wouldn’t like that feature in a slot game?

There are some points you should note about wilds though – all of which are good to know. How many of these are you aware of?

Wilds replace most – if not all – other symbols in the slot game

This is the nature of the wild icon. It is so-called because it is wild for many other symbols. Say you need three lions to win a prize, and you get two lions and a wild symbol. That would bring you the prize you would get if you had found three lions. Find three lions and a wild on a line and you’ll win the prize for four lions, and so on.

Wilds don’t always replace everything. Scatters and bonus symbols are typically excluded. Check the paytable though, as this is not always the case.

You might get several varieties – sometimes even in the same game

Wilds come in many guises. Expanding wilds are probably the best-known ones, expanding to complete the reel they crop up on. Some expand horizontally as well. There are also wilds that do other things, such as sticky wilds that remain in position whenever they appear. They might stay where they appear for the remainder of the free spins you are playing, or for a re-spin, for instance.

They sometimes bring multipliers along for the ride too

Multipliers are great because if they are applied to a prize-winning line, you will get a boosted prize. Wilds occasionally appear with x2 and x3 multipliers added to them. However, you might also see a random multiplier applied to a prize. Some software developers have played around with the multiplier part of the wild symbol, so do check out the variations online today.

You can see the wild symbol is a good thing to have when you find it used in a game. They tend to pop up in a lot of three-reel games as well as five-reel ones, although they are often the only special symbols available in the smaller games.

Try playing some slots with wilds involved today. You’ll see how appealing they are and how much excitement they can bring – especially when you find them and win prizes with their help.