Lucky Beans Slots

Lucky Beans is a newer online slot game based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s all about gathering up a certain number of beans and trying to unlock the very nice prizes. The graphics of this slot feel a bit dated, but they have a high quality look to them even still. You’ll notice giant symbols, cows, a goose and of course the Lucky Beans symbol as you play through. There are plenty of bonuses and cool features to uncover with this slot, so read on to learn exactly what it has to offer.

Betting the Right Amount

When you play Lucky Beans you need to choose the bet amount that you are most comfortable with. One nice feature of this slot game is that you get a wide range of bet options to choose from. Select a coin value of between $.01 and $5.00 and choose to bet on 1 payline up to 30 paylines at a time. You could bet as little as $.01 and keep playing for hours with just a few dollars, or you can get your bet up there and risk as much as $150.00 with every single spin and satisfy the need to bet thousands during one gambling session. No matter what type of player you are, you have options available to you.

The Free Spin Round

Like other slot games, this one offers a free spin round. To get it you need three or more of the Fairy scatter symbols. Get them and you’ll be given a set of free spins. The only downside with these spins is that they don’t come with a multiplier, even still, it’s easy to increase your bankroll when you’re playing for free.

Huge Wild Payout

The Jack Wild symbol serves as the game’s wild that will help you complete prizes. On top of doing that, it can pay out a nice amount of money on its own as well. This wild symbol is worth up to 5000x your coin value if you get five of them in a row. That’s a pretty nice prize payout if you are betting the top amount while you play. If you’re risking the top coin value you could get as much as $25,000 from the wild jackpot.

The Bean Bonus

Players that give Lucky Beans slot a try will have the opportunity to play through the special bonus round with any luck. During this round you have a chance to win some extra cash while having even more fun. To unlock this bonus round you need to get 200 lucky beans icons on the reels of the game while playing through the standard rounds. Each time you get one of the symbols a point is added to the bottom, and with 200 the bonus round is activated. During the bonus round you have to go through a series of three levels, choosing from the different doors that are available. You’ll pick up prizes along the way and can win a huge amount of money with enough luck.

With a bit of luck you can win pretty nicely on Lucky Beans. There are ample features that help transform you into the lovely Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale world. You’ll become attached with the cool looking characters as time goes by, and you might unlock a nice prize in the process as well.