3X Wild Cherry Slots

Gamblers out there that enjoy a good classic slot game will enjoy what 3X Wild Cherry slots have to offer. This slot game has a very clean look to it, and a decent top prize amount of 1,500 coins. All the prizes are clearly laid out in the pay table up above, and you can place a wide range of bet amounts to create just the right level of risk that’s right for you. When you want good simple classic slot fun, this nice looking slot has something special to offer.

Placing Your Bet

There’s just one payline in this slot, like most other classic slot games. When betting you have the option of risking between one and three coins on this line. It’s up to you to decide how much money you want each of those coins to be worth. You can set their value at between $.01 and $10 apiece. That means you can effectively risk as little as $.01 and as much as $10 on 3X Wild Cherry Slots. With that kind of range to work with it’s easy to see the appeal of playing this game.

Winning a top Amount

While playing this classic slot, you have a good chance of winning a decent prize with the 3X symbol. Get it with two other symbols and you’ll triple their value. Get two of the 3X symbols and you’ll multiply the value of the remaining symbol by 9 times. Get three of the 3X symbols and you’ll unlock a 5,000 credit jackpot for every coin that you’re betting up to 15,000 credits.

Progressive Jackpot

There’s also a cool progressive jackpot that continues to go up in value the longer that you play. This is paid out if you manage to get the jackpot symbol on the payline while gambling. The jackpot symbol is more likely the higher number of coins that you are betting, but you don’t have to use a high coin value in order to unlock the progressive jackpot. That’s why we recommend that you bet three coins all the time, and choose a coin value that makes this affordable for you.

Standard Gameplay

Other than the multiplier wild symbols and progressive jackpot, there isn’t anything special or tricky about this slot game at all. The prizes are paid out in line with the pay table, there is no free spin round, there is no bonus game. You just turn the reels and hope that you win. It’s good for players that want something simple, and that’s why most people end up giving this slot a try in the first place.

3X Wild Cherry Slots isn’t for everyone, but the players that want something simple really seem to enjoy it. It’s nice to look at and offers a good solid top prize for the small bets that you have to place to get it. It’s a worthwhile game for mid-range gamblers that aren’t afraid to risk a bit of cash in pursuit of decent wins. Try it out and you’ll never look at classic slots in the same way again.