Lucky Lady Slots

Take a trip back in time with Lucky Lady from WGS, a slot game themed after famous women and reminiscent of a time when women stayed home and worked in factories to provide for the war. Anyway, this slot game features just 9 paylines, has pretty basic symbols and offers fixed payouts that let players know exactly what they can expect to win with the right amount of luck.

Basic Looks

Lucky Lady has a pretty limited selection of symbols to choose from and is set to a dull metal backdrop. Most players describe the symbols used in this slot as standard, basic or old-fashioned, but overall they don’t look terrible, just a bit dull.

Betting Options

With a limit of just 9 paylines in this online slot game, bets are pretty limited as well. It’s possible to lay a coin down on each of the 9 different paylines in this slot game, and coin values can be adjusted from $.01 to $5.00 each. That gives you a betting range of between $.01 and $45 per reel spin in this slot game. That isn’t a huge variation, but it’s enough of a change to make a range of players happy with their available options.

Scatters Pay Well

Scatter symbols can help you unlock some pretty significant prizes as well and they are another way that this slot game is different than classic slots. The scatters give you access to prizes between 5x and 100x multipliers of your total bet amount. That means you can win as much as $45,000 from a top scatter configuration with the highest bet that you can make on this slot game.

The Plane Bonus

In the special bonus round of this slot game it’s up to you to choose from one of the available planes to try and get the biggest prize that you can. The prize values vary depending on the plane chosen. Pick an option and you’ll instantly be given your bonus reward. There are between 1 and 3 total bonus rounds, and the plane bonuses go as high as 100 times the original bet amount, for some pretty significant top prizes if you’re betting big.

Lucky Lady slots are pretty straightforward and they don’t look very fancy at all, but the game can be fun to players that want something pretty standard to play. It offers limited betting options, limited payouts and a small set of features, but the right player won’t mind that at all.