Lucky Lagoon Slots

Get started with your underwater adventure with Lucky Lagoon Slots from WGS. The first impression of this slot game is that the graphics aren’t very great, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer. There are some pretty nice features hiding below the lackluster surface, and they make the game worth trying out at least a bit. Keep reading to find out what this game holds for you.

Simple Betting

Betting is quick and to the point in this slot game. There are five paylines in all, and you can bet a coin on each one of them, or as few as one of them depending on what you want to risk. It’s all up to you. Coins can be valued at between $.01 and $10.00, so you can bet up to $50 or as little as $.01 depending on what amount you want to risk on Lucky Lagoon.

Big Top Prize

Lucky Lagoon offers a lower chance of winning prizes than the slots out there with higher payline numbers, which is why the amounts you can win are pretty favorable. It’s possible to win as much as 10,000 coins with five of the Island Gold symbols. Do that and you could walk away with as much as $100,000 with a top coin value set. That’s a huge win for such a simple looking slot game.

Straight Slot Gameplay

If you don’t like bonus games, complicated features or lots of options to choose from, then you’ll love Lucky Lagoon. This slot game is all about simplicity. It’s almost a classic slot game in this way. You don’t have any scatters, or wilds, or free spins or bonuses. Instead you have nice paying top prizes that you can trigger pretty regularly. The dolphin symbol is worth up to 1,500 coins or $15,000 with a top value, the surer is worth up to 500 or $5,000 with a top value, and you can get decent payouts from the lower symbols on this slot as well.

Lucky Lagoon is a straight forward slot game. It isn’t the most beautiful and it’s not feature rich either. Even still, how many other slots do you know with affordable bets that let you win up to $100,000. Sure there are other slots on the market that pay out that kind of cash, but generally you have to risk a lot more than $50 to have the best chance of winning that money. That’s not the case here, and that’s why we recommend Lucky Lagoon slots. They’re basic, and that’s good for new players or those looking for a standard slot experience, so give it a try.