Salsa Slots

Salsa Slots is a fun desert themed slot game with a bunch of cartoon symbols that are lighthearted and designed to capture your attention. From armadillos, to cactuses, to instruments there’s a lot to see on this slot game. The two star symbols are the beans, and they both trigger special features and help you unlock even more money as you play this slot game.

Get Going with a Bit

Salsa Slots can’t begin until you have your bet laid down, so make sure it’s a good one. You have the option to bet as little as $.01, but most players will want to risk more than that. With a top bet amount of up to $250, the sky really is the limit with this slot game. High rollers can risk hundreds with every turn of the reels, and all the rest of us can find a good bet amount somewhere in the middle of all those options. The more you bet, the more you could potentially win, so try for as much as you can reasonably afford as you play through this slot game.

Red Bean Jackpot

The red bean symbol of Salsa Slots is the wild and will help you complete a range of cool prizes as you play through the game. Get five of them and you could win 5,000 coins, which is valued at up to $50,000 if you are betting the top amount of money while gambling at this slot game.

Free Spins Bonus

The Green Bean symbol serves as the scatter in this slot game paying up to 100x your bet if you get five or more. On top of helping you win more money, this symbol is also the key to unlocking the free spin bonus round. Get three or more of them anywhere on the reels of the game and you’ll unlock a free spin round. During the free spin round all prizes are doubled and you have a good chance to win a whole lot of cash from the slot.

With a top jackpot prize of up to $100,000 during the free spins round, and a good solid bonus round payout of up to $75,000 also available, there’s plenty of money at stake with Salsa slots that makes this fiery slot game worth a test or two. It’s nice looking, it’s simple to play and it pays good enough for just about anyone that likes to gamble.