Turkey Time Slots

Turkey Time Slots is a classic slot machine with an unusual twist themed around the Thanksgiving holiday. This game is a 3 reel, single pay line title which includes supplementary pay outs, prize multipliers and a bonus feature. There’s also a top prize of 2,400 coins for players to shoot for when they’re playing at the maximum coin amount, meaning the slot offers a pretty generous return to players. Turkey Time Slots is an incredibly straightforward game to play. With just one active pay line, players will simply have to decide how many coins they want to wage and how much those coins will be worth. Between 1 and 3 coins are available and sizes range from $0.01-$10.00, meaning the slot can be played for a maximum of $30 per spin.

As Turkey Time features three tiered pay out tables, we’d recommended always playing with the maximum three coins selected and then simply adjusting the coin size in accordance with your bankroll. This will give you access to a the slot’s maximum 2,400 coin prize, the bonus feature and a couple of extra pay out options, making it more than worth the small additional outlay each spin.

The Turkey Time online slots wagers range from $0.01 credits to $30.00 credits per spin, depending on the size of the coin (from $0.01 to $10.00) and the number of coins played per game (up to 3). Playing three coins has its advantages in Turkey Time slots, including the addition of a couple more pay out opportunities, the 2400-coin jackpot, and the ability to play the bonus game. When in doubt, we suggest lowering the value of the coin and increasing the number of coins played per game, particularly since this game only has one pay line.

Pilgrim’s hats, leaves, and pumpkin pie abound in Turkey Time online slots. Since there is only one pay line, pay outs are not based on sequential order; symbols only need to align on the pay line to be counted toward wins. Take advantage of the Turkey Time slots auto-play feature, which allows you to fully customize your player options and then walk away (to order pie, bake a turkey, or find your comfy stretchy pants).

Turkey Time slot Wild is the Pilgrim Hat symbol and it can land on the reels as the substitute to many other symbols, and is a multiplier as well: One Hat = 2x the pay out. Two Hats = 4x the pay out. Three Hats = 2,400-coin jackpot. Turkey Time slots Bonus Game is triggered when a Bonus Turkey symbol lands on the pay line, activating a new scene: Ten turkeys emerge onto the screen. You’ll get 4 chances or Turkey picks. Either collect what the current turkey is offering. Or hedge your bet that you can find a bigger win behind another bird.

With three coins in play, pay outs in Turkey Time start at four coins for any pumpkin pie icon that appears on the central row, while the pilgrim hat wild symbols not only serve as the game’s jackpot icon, but also double or quadruple the value of winning pay lines when one or two are substituted. The Thanksgiving theme in this game is seen in the form of pilgrim’s hats, leaves and slices of pumpkin pie replacing the conventional cherries and lucky sevens on the reels, though BAR logos do still appear. The slot itself is also styled differently from other retro game slots, with a custom-designed machine featuring an Autumnal colour palette to reflect the season changing from fall to winter. Further graphical tweaks are added courtesy of a special pick-and-click bonus round, which opens up a new screen where players will have to choose from nine turkey symbols to unveil a cash amount. All in all, this makes Turkey Time a far more immersive slot experience than other similarly-designed classic titles, though the sound effects are still somewhat lacking in variety or any unique charm.

When playing with the maximum three coins available, players will have access to Turkey Time’s unique bonus feature. Activated whenever a turkey symbol appears anywhere on the slot’s central row, players will be transported to a new screen where they must pick an icon to reveal a cash prize. Then, players have four picks during this feature and can choose to accept the amount they reveal or discard it in favour of selecting a new icon. This process continues until all four picks have been made, at which point players have no choice but to accept the prize amount they have uncovered. There is a bonus round available at all makes Turkey Time a far more interesting slot to play.

Sounds exciting? Well it is and this is why you should start playing Turkey Time Slots right away!