Amazing 7's Slots

Amazing 7's is a cool video slot game that has mixes together the modern feel of video slots with more classic themed symbols. The slot is dark colored, and shows off a series of cherries, 7's, BAR symbols and more that all come from classic slots. That's where the similarities to classic slots end though, and the modern features kick in. There are 25 paylines, the slot has a huge potential jackpot and there are even some cool extra features for you to look forward to while playing this slot.

Bet Big the Entire Time

This game rewards players that are willing to risk the maximum amount of money the entire time that they play. There is a total of 25 paylines, and you can bet up to 3 coins on each of those lines. That means you can risk as much as 75 coins at one time. With a top value of $5.00 per coin, that means you can risk up to $375 with one single spin. That's a huge potential bet, that could pay off in a big way if you unlock the very largest jackpot.

Standard Gameplay

Amazing 7's is designed to offer a very appealing top prize to players while still maintaining simplicity in play. That means that you can play through rounds of this slot game without having to worry about remembering how special bonus features work. You just spin the reels and hope for the big combos to come in. That's all there is to the slot, and there are some very exciting top prizes paid out to players willing to bet big in this game.

A Huge Jackpot

Even though Amazing 7's uses symbols commonly found in old-school classic slot games, it's certainly not a classic slot experience. You'll know that the moment you find out what the top prize is with this game. It's possible to win as much as 100,000 coins while playing this slot if you get lucky enough in the process. To unlock the monstrous jackpot opportunity, you simply need to get five of the triple red 7 symbols. Do that and you'll walk away with 100,000 coins, which is a whole lot of cash, even if you're betting the minimum while playing Amazing 7's.

If you're one of the players that's wiling to risk the top amount of money while gambling on Amazing 7's, you could walk away with as much as $500,000 from a top win. That's a massive win that you won't find with many other slots around the internet today. That's the main reason to try this slot game out, and it's what draws most other players in as well. It's also a decent option for players looking for a pretty straight-forward gambling experience overall.