Mermaid's Quest Slots

Enter a mesmerising magical world only to be found under the sea where you yourself can dive in with the fishes surrounded by the most fabulous aquarium ever with the most vibrant colours that you have ever seen. Experience an amazing underwater world and come face to face with the mermaids and the mermen. Dive deep under the sea and be awed with the shimmering vibrant colours that you can see down under the sea in Mermaid Quest Slots.

Experience an underwater world like no other. Emerge yourself underwater and emerge yourself in fun and wonder. Be spellbound with the magical colours swirling around you and meet the queen of the mermaids. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to take a look under the water and discover a wonderful new and exciting world under the surface? Well now you can get down to it and enjoy a great experience while enjoying your favourite game. Swim with the fishes and meet all sorts and all the different types of fish and make new friends as you swim along their side. Take a dive and explore the most amazing treasures hidden underneath the sea. Delve into the bottom of the sea to find treasures unbounded. The Help button will give you all the details about rewarding combos, bonus features and the rules of the game.

Start swimming in a completely different world where all around you is calm and peaceful. Swim with the fishes and meet all sorts of fish and underwater folk and make new friends as you swim along their side. The rewards are big and the game is exciting so now is the time to start playing this game. Be prepared to meet the mermaids and mermen and to be amazed by this exciting cool world beneath the waves. Join in the calm and peaceful everyday life of the creatures that live under the sea.

Have you ever looked at the sea and wondered what lies within? With Mermaid Quest Slots you can go underneath the water and mingle with the merfolk and with the colourful fishes swimming. Enter the world of the sea creatures and become their friend. Make friends with the beautiful mermaids and stunning mermen. You will become spellbound with the magical colours swirling around you. Underneath the sea, all is calm and peaceful and you will not be wrong if you are gently reminded of the story of the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid is about a mermaid who lived under the sea and longed to live life on land and have her own two feet. However, eventually, she came to realise that her ideal world is a world under the sea and that life on land was not the life for her. Could life under the sea be the life for you? Take a dive under the sea and find out in Mermaid Quest Slots.

Mermaid's Quest slots have a bonus game, free spins, and wilds, within 5-reels and 9-paylines, it will make your game more interesting in its undersea adventure with the mermaids! You can bet from 1¢ per line up to $10 per line, giving a maximum bet of $90. The treasure chest is a wild symbol and can substitute for all symbols except the bonus and scatter symbols. There is a bonus feature and a free spins feature as well. The King Neptune symbol is the Scatter, and when 3 scatter symbols show anywhere on the reels, you win 10 free spins. All winning combination pay outs are doubled while in free spins mode. The Mermaid's Quest Free Spins can be retriggered. Line up three or more Mermaid bonus symbols to trigger the bonus game. You are presented with three levels of treasures, one layer at a time. Pick one chest or seashell from each of the undersea levels. Win a prize amount for each treasure chest or shell you pick.

Mermaid's Quest slot has a great underwater theme and the animated graphics in this slot game makes it fun to play, and it's enjoyable to watch too! So what are you waiting for? Jump into this underwater world and start playing Mermaid Quest Slots. You will surely have yourself one great and rewarding adventure. Play your game and win rewards along the way. Enter the wonderful world of mermaids and discover the riches and adventure that lies within. Play Mermaid's Quest Slots with 3-levels in its bonus round, you're guaranteed a win.

There has never been a better time to start playing Mermaid Queen Slots and to dive down into the fresh blue water and forget all your worries and problems and to enter a cool, relaxing world where all your troubles are washed away. One thing is for sure – you will not want to come back up to the surface!