Trick or Treat Slots

Trick or Treat slots is the perfect classic slot companion for Halloween and all the events that happen at that time of the year. With witches, pumpkins, candy and tombstones, there are plenty of spooky symbols to keep things interesting. This slot game doesn’t pack too many special features in, but it does offer a couple of unexpected perks on top of the standard classic slot experience.

Betting Simplicity

Betting couldn’t be any easier with just a single payline to place all your coins on. Choose between one and three coins for that single payline, and then set your value to complete your bet. You can risk between $.01 and $10.00 per coin, with a maximum bet of up to $30 possible with three coins on the center payline.

Big Winning Opportunities

Much like most standard classic slot games available today, Trick or Treat has a fixed jackpot payout that sits at 2,400 coins. That might not seem all that high, until you consider that a top coin value would reward you with $24,000 in cash with a top prize win. That’s not too shabby at all for the low cost of $30 per spin, there are few other slot games that can match that level of reward for such an affordable spin cost.

Doubling Wilds

The wilds in Trick or Treat slots are something very special. They will actually double or quadruple your prize payouts if you get one or two together to complete a prize. That means you can effectively multiply your prize payouts, giving you huge potential prizes with a big enough gamble. The witch head is the wild symbol in this slot game, and shows up on the reels very frequently.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is triggered by the special bonus symbol. During the bonus round it’s up to you to choose from the differnet options to try and get the very best prize payout overall. With three options to pick from it’s a simple bonus game to play through, but it still gives the classic slot another feature to look forward to while gambling.

Trick or Treat is nice looking and simple in terms of online slots, but it’s a pretty solid classic slot game. Players that enjoy classic slots are sure to enjoy what this game has to offer, but those looking for a more advanced gambling experience may grow tired of the simplistic features of the game.