Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10X Wild is an advanced classic slot game that features three reels and a whole lot of special prizes to be won. This slot isn’t like most other classic slots that you’ll find today, and that’s what makes it so special. Interested players should read on to learn exactly what this slot game has to offer.

Understanding Betting

When playing 10X Wild you need to really think about the bet that you place before getting started. The bet is the largest decision to be made and will affect every outcome of the game. There’s just a single payline in this slot game, but there’s an opportunity to put down as many as 3 coins onto that single line. Coin values can range from as low as $.01 and as high as $5.00, giving you the ability to bet between $.01 and $15.00 per spin depending on what you want to risk with this cool slot game.

Multiplier Wilds

10X Wild is all about special wilds that serve as multipliers. There are two special wild symbols, the 3X and the 10X and both do exactly what you would expect them to. Any prizes that are completed with the 3X symbol are multiplied by 3. Anything completed with the 10X symbol is multiplied by 10. You can also have a combination of the two symbols and that brings additional multiplier benefits. Two 10X symbols multiplies by 100 and a 10X and a 3X multiplies by 30.

Auto Play

There’s an Auto Play feature for this slot game that makes it possible to get the game to spin the reels all by themselves. Choose between 1 and 500 spins and let the slot handle the rest for you. This feature makes gambling for extended periods more convenient and is ideal for players that don’t like pressing the spin button again and again.

Guaranteed Random Jackpot

This classic slot game also features a progressive jackpot that’s guaranteed to pay out by the time it hits $25,000. Players are encouraged to look at the level of the jackpot and to play more often as it climbs near its highest point, because it is more likely to pay out at that point. The jackpot is paid out randomly, and betting more coins increases your chances of unlocking the jackpot, so always play with as many coins as possible for the best chances overall. Ultimate 10X Wild is a top-tier classic slot game with enough features to make it much more exciting than the other options available today. There’s a lot of money at stake each time you play the game, which is very exciting after considering how affordable this slot game is to play overall. We recommend that classic slot lovers give the game a try for a more advanced game, and even some gamblers that aren’t fond of classic slots may enjoy this experience.