Alien Invasion Slots

This is a game about aliens as the title of the game suggests. In this game you will get to meet Tentacle Alien, Insect Alien, and Sharp Tooth Alien. There are also some interesting theme related symbols including Raygun, Spaceship, Planet and Galaxy. In fact there are eight winning combinations. Join the fight against the evil invaders and start playing Alien Invasion Slots.

This game is a 3 reel (non-progressive), 1 pay line online fruit machine, which will keep you entertained for a long time. This is an easy and exciting game to play and this space themed game certainly has some interesting features mainly a wild symbol and a multiplier. The maximum jackpot is 2000 coins when three laser guns are lined up and the betting size may vary from 1 cent to $75. You can choose to play one, two or three coins to play on the line here. The value of each coin will depend on you. You can win larger amounts if you wager a higher amount.

There are some special symbols in this game and these are the resistance logos, which are wild and can only appear on rel2, reel 3 and reel 4. They do not really have any specific value but can replace the basic reel symbols to boost your chances of scoring a cash prize. The invasion logos are scatters. They can be worth up to 1250 x in any position on the reels and they can also trigger the Alien Invasion bonus.

Alien Invasion Slots has a coin denomination of 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $5 and $10 and up to 3 coins is allowed per spin. The wild symbol is the Ray Gun and if it is found in a winning combination on the pay line, a 2 x multiplier is used in pay outs. In this game, the Ray Gun is also the highest paying symbol and if you manage to hit 3 Ray Guns with a maximum bet, then you will win the highest pay out of 2000 coins. If the Ray Gun appears as part of another combination, it doubles the cash prize.

There is also a Stop Spin button that you can use to your advantage. Most games spin the reels and wait for them to come to a stop one by one. However if you use the Stop Spin button, you can stop the game at any time if you think that the symbols are about to line up. In other words, you can stop the reels where you want to by calculating when they are about to yield matching symbols. Whenever an alien face appears, you will win a prize. This is a game which will appeal to all Alien lovers and to all lovers of space themed games as well as for those who want to enjoy online slots for the first time. Whenever you need to refer to the pay table, this is easily visible on the screen so you will always know where you stand with this game.

The Auto Play mode will let you place the same wager over and over again for as long as you wish, which is a classic gameplay feature in most slot games. This game can be quite unpredictable due to its medium volatility which gives you equal chances to win big or small. The pay table contains the classic card icons, accompanied by hostile alien robots and flying saucers worth a maximum of 1000 times your current wager.

If an Alien Head lands on the pay line anywhere, you will win. The Alien Head is a scatter symbol for 3 reel slots. Look out for the hideous alien beasties and there are three different kinds of beasties. Also look out for the Planet, the Galaxy and the Spaceship. The Aliens are coming! Are you ready to take them on in Alien Invasion Slots? It might be time to grab the Ray Guns and prepare to defend the planet. Alien Invasion Slots is an outer space action adventure where you are trying to take out as many disgusting multi-fanged alien worm creatures before they destroy the earth. The graphics in this game are fantastic and much more than you would expect and the sound effects are great too.

This is the game to brighten up your mood and it can also bring thrilling wins for you. This is definitely the game to play if you are feeling bored and are looking for an exciting and rewarding game. Enjoy the superb graphics as you win your way through outer space. Sit down and relax and have fun with and adventurous space game. Target as many alien ships as you can to reveal bonus cash prizes and you could be pocketing all the bonuses at once if you manage to find the mothership. Are you up for the challenge?