Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush Slots is a classic Vegas styled slot. If you are too young to remember the gold rush now is the time for you to relive this experience and strike it rich online. The idea of finding gold has been captivating explorers for generations. From Spanish conquistadors to American gold rush hunters, this idea has been totally irresistible. In 1848 gold was discovered in California and soon thousands of prospectors rushed there hoping to make their fortune. This was the start of the gold rush which lasted from 1849 to 1856.However, nowadays these adventures are a thing of the past but with the Gold Rush Slots, this need not be so. You still have a chance to feel the rush of adrenalin flowing through you as you embark on this adventure that will hold you spellbound and that will be lining your pockets. Instead of being a prospector in the 19th century, you are now a prospector looking for gold in the 21st century thanks to the Gold Rush Slots.

Gold Rush players get the nostalgic feeling of walking into a brick-and-mortar Vegas casino of days gone by. Around your slot machine, you will notice a detailed background that includes several other gold rush slot machines standing nearby, a dark green patterned carpet, and a textured ceiling with multiple chandeliers hanging down from it. The game's designers even thought to include a palm-frond potted plant to the left of the main slot machine, to add that extra touch of classic casino ambiance. The Gold Rush machine itself is designed with a nod toward the past and is styled much like a classic car, with shiny white enamel trimmed in gold and bright red lights that flash whenever you spin the reels. Vintage symbols fit the classic appeal of this game, and include a mine cart full of golden nuggets, a cluster of red cherries and green leaves, a gold 5-bar, a red 7-bar, and of course, the big word "Gold" that signifies your biggest pay outs. Each time you spin, you hear the sound of a lever being pulled, and whenever you win, the clink of coins falling into a tray jingles loudly.

Gold Rush Slots is a 3 reel 1 line game but you can still rake in the gold through this slot's progressive jackpot opportunity. The progressive jackpot is the one big prize and it's the real draw to playing Gold Rush. The jackpot builds every time a player makes a bet, with a portion of each bet being added to the jackpot. This building continues until someone has made the maximum 3-coin bet while simultaneously managing to land three Gold symbols in a row. This lucky player is then awarded the entire jackpot. Clearly, with such a low wager but such a big possible pay out, it's wise to always play the maximum bet in this game.

Begin playing by selecting a bet by slicking on a button at the bottom of the screen. The higher the bet, the more potential paths will be activated. Pull down the handle or press the button at the bottom to spin the wheel. If you can get a pattern in a sequence as a straight line or one of a number of lines that correspond to the winning paths, then you are a winner!

Gold Rush also allows you to play anywhere from 10 to 1000 spins on Auto play. This means that you can sit back while the reels spin automatically for you. Press the Spin button again to revert to playing manually. The minimum you can bet is .20 per spin and the maximum bet per spin will always be .60. The maximum pay out is varied, determined by the amount contained in the progressive jackpot at the time that you play. Gold Rush Slots is a simple game yet prefect in its simplicity. With only three control buttons -Bet, Bet Max, and Spin - there's little chance of going wrong as you watch your earnings climb. And it's easy to see what's going on, with clear controls and your focus only needing to be on acquiring winning combinations in those three little windows.

So why not join in the Gold Rush and see how much gold you can discover in the process? There are many potential ways of finding gold and therefore this is a game that will give again and again. Join in the excitement of the Gold Rush where all that glitters IS gold. Try your luck at the progressive jackpot where you can have even greater wins. Become a prospector for a day and feel the excitement of that day of years gone by when all you had to do was to pan for gold literally. Why not pan for gold today with Gold Rush Slots?