Cash Caboose Slots

Take on the exciting life of a train conductor while trying out Cash Caboose, the online video slot game that’s known for it’s simple cartoony graphics. This 5-reel slot game packs in some cool features, and allows a pretty respectable top bet amount. It’s not the most beautiful slot game out there, but it might just be worth trying out. Read on to learn the specifics about its features and what all you can expect from this slot game overall.

Betting Options

The first order of business while playing this slot game is putting down a bet that you’re comfortable with. With a range of between $.01 and $250.00 per spin, you have a lot of space to work with. Choose a level that you are most comfortable with for your credit amount, and then decide whether to bet on one payline all the way up to all the available 25 paylines.

A Free Spins Bonus

There’s a special bonus spin round triggered by the scatter symbols of this slot game. Get three or more of them and you’re rewarded with 15 free spins. During the free spin round any prize that you win is multiplied by 3. It’s during these rounds that you’ll quickly rack up some seriously good prize amounts. We were surprised at how easy it was to unlock free spins, and just how many prizes were paid out during many of the rounds.

Decent Standard Jackpot

As you play this train slot game, it’s up to you to go through a series of bandit symbols, thief symbols, and conductor symbols while you try and unlock the top jackpot paid out. During standard rounds you can get as many as 5,000 coins from the top jackpot, and during the free spin round that’s tripled to 15,000 coins.

Scatter Payouts

The Caboose symbol serves as the important scatter symbol in this slot game, and it gives you the chance to win up to 100x your bet amount. Get two of the scatters to double your bet, get three to x5 your bet, four gives you 20x your bet and five will really leave you with a lot of cash if you bet a top amount of money.

Cash Caboose is a funny slot game with enough features to remain interesting even after you get used to the cartoony graphic appeal of the game itself. Give it a try to find out whether it’s the right sort of slot game for you. It’s a lot of fun, and the top jackpot amount is enough to be worth playing for as well.