Scatter Symbols: Points To Remember

If you have ever played a slot game with a scatter symbol involved, you’ll know they are pretty useful symbols to have around. But if you haven’t encountered this symbol yet, keep reading. We are about to reveal how practical and helpful they can be for you.

You can win something wherever the scatters land

Scatters were given this name because if you get enough of them, you can win a prize even if they are scattered over the reels, rather than appearing in consecutive positions on a paid line. No matter where they appear, only the quantity is important in helping you win something.

Sometimes you only need two to win

This will depend on the individual game, so make sure you read the instructions to see what applies in each case. However, some slot Games only require you to find two scatters in a spin to win something. This will often return your bet to you, or give you double the amount back. But again, do check first.

They often trigger free spins or a bonus feature

Scatters sometimes work on their own and have no special features. However, we have played lots of slot games that give you free spins for collecting three or more scatters. Some will award more free games if you manage to find four or five scatters in a spin. Others might unlock a bonus feature for finding three or more scatter icons, instead of giving you free spins.

They cannot be replaced by wilds

This isn’t always true, but many slots will only allow you to win a scatter prize by finding the required number on the reels. If you found one scatter and one wild, for example, you wouldn’t win a prize for two scatters. The wild isn’t usually allowed to replace the scatters.

Always check the paytable before you begin

If you’re playing a new slot for the first time, read the details in the paytable first. These will reveal whether the game has a scatter and how it works. You’ll then know exactly what to expect when you begin to play. Chances are the scatter will work in much the same way you would expect it to, but it is always nice to know for sure. Play a few slots now and see if the scatter could bring some cash prizes your way. Wouldn’t that be nice?