Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas Slots appeals to every player's secret desire to creep through the shadows, racking up wins as they go. With five reels and 25 paylines, gamers will always have a chance to seek out their fortune in Naughty Ninjas Slots.

Slot Wagering, Simplified

Betting on an online slot game doesn't have to be a complicated process; in fact, Naughty Ninjas makes it quite easy. Just choose a coin denomination that falls between $0.01 and $10; after selecting a coin size, choose how many of the title's paylines to bet on. Should players need ro choose between a large coin size or a full slate of paylines, opt to cover every line to increase the likelihood of a winning combination on a selected payline. Per-spin bets in Naughty Ninjas go from a single penny all the way to $250.

Enticing Scenery on the Reels

Naughty Ninjas Slots offers gamers the chance to enjoy some truly lovely scenery and a fantastic symbol set on the reels. Resting in a background that depicts the nighttime sky of a city and a couple of the naughtiest ninjas in the game, the icons on the reels depict different ninjas, a throwing star, three monsters and playing card symbols, ace through nine. The wild symbol in the game is represented by Bubbles, a red bandana-wearing ninja with plenty of winning potential; this icon can act as a substitute symbol that can fill in for almost any other symbol needed to create a winning line on the reels. Finally, gamblers should know that the title's scatter symbol is the ninja throwing star; appearing only on the third reel, this icon is an important part of the game's only feature, the Ninja Re-Spin Round.

Re-Spin for the Bonus Win

As mentioned before, the game's scatter symbol is the ninja throwing star. This icon appears only on the third reel, and it expands to fill the entire reel whenever it comes into play in Naughty Ninja Slots; once the expanded throwing star covers the entire third reel, players will receive a free re-spin while it is held in place. This creates huge winning potential in the base game, making up for the lack of a traditional bonus feature.

Cash Prizes for Naughty Players

Whether you're looking for cash for a trip to the naughty streets of Las Vegas or you simply want up to spin the reels in a title that's too good to be bad, you won't want to miss the fun in Naughty Ninja Slots. With tons of great entertainment and more than enough winnings to go around, Naughty Ninjas is an awesome choice for gamblers everywhere. Players will quickly discover the perks of the game, making Naughty Ninjas Slots a great choice for those in search of a unique and unforgettable session on the reels.