Funky Chicken Slots

Funky Chicken Slots
Funky Chicken slots is a cool little online slot game that has a modern feel to it and goofy graphics overall. The slot game shows off a tractor, a farm house, an angry farmer and of course the funky chicken symbol that’s iconic for the game. It’s set on a bright and fun farm and is a pretty colorful game that grows on you with time. This slot game has a couple special features to offer, but it’s hard to say just by looking at the game whether it’s a good value to play or not. That’s why we took the time to give it a proper playthrough to get a good feel for it.

Excellent Betting Variety

When you play Funky Chicken Slots there are plenty of different betting limits to choose from. Players looking to make affordable bets can risk as little as $.01 per spin of the reels in this slot. Those that want to up the stakes are free to take things to any level that they like up to $250 per spin of the reels.

Decent Payout Opportunities

The Funky Chicken slot game isn’t like some of the options out there that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the top winners, but it does offer decent jackpots to the few lucky players that unlock them. With a bit of luck you could walk away with as much as 5,000 coins, which could be as high as $50,000. That’s a huge potential win, and it’s enough to look forward to while playing the game as well.

Special Free Spins Round

While playing Funky Chicken the slots game, you have the opportunity to unlock a special free spins round that you can use to win great sums of money. Free spins are unlocked by getting three or more of the scatter symbols. The moment that happens you’ll see a sign appear telling you what multiplier you get for the free spins round. It can be as high as 10x with every one of your free spins, giving you a huge amount of money to look forward to.

Funky Chicken slots is a good solid game that stands up on its own pretty well. It’s not likely a slot game that you’ll join a casino for, but if you’re already a member of a casino with the game available, it’s worth a playthrough. The wide betting options, decent top payout and fun colorful theme of the game make it an enjoyable experience worth the time.