La Cucaracha Slots

La Cucaracha is a slot game based on a song about a cockroach, and it’s fitting that it’s a fun Mexican-themed slot featuring a cartoony roach, some hot and spicy chili and a lot of fun rounds for you to play through. This slot offers decent betting options, excellent prize payouts and plenty of reasons for you to play it after giving it an initial try. You’ll be drawn back in by the colorful symbols and all the chances that you have to win big.

Betting Options Galore

When playing La Cuaracha slots, you have a huge range of betting options. It’s up to you how much money that you risk. You could risk as little as $.25, with each spin of the reels. At that level you could play for months or years on a single deposit. For a shot at some significant prize amounts, you’ll have to up the ante a bit, and go for a larger bet. It’s possible to bet as much as $250 per spin. Most people won’t want to risk that much, but the serious high rollers among us will thoroughly enjoy the option.

Decent Standard Jackpot

There is a standard jackpot of approximately 5,000 coins that you can win while playing this slot game. You won’t trigger it very often, but once you do you’ll really benefit big and could win as much as $50,000 from it if you’re betting the maximum amount while playing this slot. Even if you’re betting a lower amount, you could still win pretty nicely from this slot.

Free Spins Pay out Nicely

Get three or more scatter symbols and you’ll unleash the free spins round in this slot game. Once you do that, you’ll have 10 free chances to win some seriously good prizes. Every win that you get during the free spins round, is tripled. That’s huge! It gives you more chances to win on less money, and rewards you handsomely if you manage to unlock one of the top prizes while playing.

Unlocking the Bonus

In order to unlock the bonus round of this game, you’ll need to choose the right selections from the chili stands. Each positive choice bumps up the Chili-Owi-Meter a bit more until you finally unleash the special bonus round of this game. It’s fun to play through, it pays out a decent prize with a bit of luck and adds another fun element to this already cool slot game.