Malt Shop Memories Slots

Step back in time with Malt Shop Memories Slots. Set around a Malt shop this fun and easy to play slot has reel symbols that include Milkshakes, Burgers, Flags, Roller Skates, Triple Bars, Double Bars and Single Bars. Malt Shop Memories slot game is a very traditional style of three reel, single payline machine, reminiscent of the style of slot game that might have been found in Las Vegas in the 1950s.

The Malt Shop Memories slots game is easy to play. You just have to decide what denomination coins you want to play, how many coins you want to bet per line, and to click on the spin button. It will be worth it to look at the pay table before you make these decisions as the amount you bet will determine the maximum jackpot that you will be entitled to. You can use any of the following coin denominations $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, or $10 and can bet up to three coins per line, which makes the maximum bet thirty dollars.

When logging onto Malt Shop Memories, players are greeted with the traditional three reels set into a background of a malt shop, a 50s style teenager leaning against his car, and a bobby-soxer. The look makes one feel nostalgic, and the pastel greens and retro graphics give the feeling of visiting the era of American Graffiti. The sounds are basic casino background white noise, and the game makes very old-school slot machine beeps and whirrs when in play.

The symbols in this game include bars, hamburgers, cocktails, roller and cars. The cocktail serves as the wild symbol. As this is a traditional / classic online slots game, it does not feature a scatter or multiplier symbol. There is also no multiplier, auto play function, free spins or bonus round. The game has a skill stop function and you can choose whether you want to play for fun money (which means for free) or for real money. You can play for fun money until you are confident enough to play for real money. The milkshake symbol acts as a wile symbol and this means it can complete any of the other three winning symbol combos. The milkshake also acts as a multiplier and multiplies your pay out X2 if one milkshake symbol appears in a winning combo and X4 if two milkshake symbols complete your winning combo.

Jackpot coin value: The largest jackpot in the Malt Shop Memories slots game is 2000 coins. Jackpot money value: The maximum money jackpot value is 60,000 which is calculated as follows; 2000 coins x $30 (3 coins x $10) = $60000.

How to win the Top Jackpot: To win the top jackpot of 2000 coins or $60000 you must be betting with all 3 coins at the maximum coin value and you must get 3 Wild symbols on the enabled pay line. Jackpot information for low stakes players: for a bet of 10 cents for a single spin you could win $30. Tip: If you only bet with one coin, the maximum you can win is 500 coins. You could win a 1000 coin jackpot if betting with 2 coins. Compare this with ac 2000 coin jackpot if betting with all 3 coins, there is a lot of extra value in that third coin. Free Spins: No free-spins can be awarded on this slot. Bonus Game: No bonus games can be awarded on this slot.

Players may set coin values to denominations ranging from 10 cents up to $10, and up to three coins may be played per spin. So the maximum bet can range from a very modest 30 cents up to $30 on the high end. The pay outs are generous! If playing three coins, the big jackpot is worth 2000 coins, or $20,000 at the $10 coin level. Even at the low end, it is worth $200, making it appealing to dime game players. The secondary pay out is much more modest at 300 coins. The pay outs on Malt Shop Memories appear to be constant, however, so each coin gets lots of play time.

Malt Shop Memories Slots takes us back in time to the 1950 and you will not be wrong in thinking that you have just jumped into a classic version of the movie Grease. The Malt shop serves up the usual things like milk shakes, burgers, etc. This game is fun and entertaining as much as it is profitable because you can play your favourite game by building up a nice nest of money. So if you are looking for a laid back game which is filled with nostalgia and which gives out a good revenue, then this is the game for you. Step back in time and enjoy your time at the Malt Shop today!