Win Place or Show Slots

Win, Place or Show Slots Looks like an old-school machine. It uses symbols to match the theme and is very simplistic in its style and gameplay. It has three reels and only one pay line. If you like horse racing, you may be familiar with this saying already. A win means the horse comes first. You can also win something if you place the horse within the first two positions in the race. Finally, if you bet on the horse making a good show, it should appear first, second, or third to secure a prize for you. Hence, win, place, or show. This game can be won with a growing prize money, however, is considered as just the icing of the cake. That's because Win Place or Show Slots is highly entertaining and thrilling on its own. This is in fact a Slots game that is a cross between horse racing and spinning reels.

Playing the slot is easily done by clicking on the big buttons on the bottom of the screen. These allow for determining how many coins of 50 cents are used per bet. The 'Spin Reels' button will start a round and the 'Play Max' option will select the top bet of three coins. An 'Auto Play' option is provided to spin the reels automatically for multiple times. You can bet 50 cents per coin on this game. You can also choose from one, two, or three coins on the line. Watch out for the Gold Cup trophy as you play. Three of these completing the pay line will trigger the progressive jackpot prize.

The horse racing theme of Win Place or Show online slots is certainly appropriate for a game that invites you to take a gamble. And with the low wager limits in a Win Place or Show slots casino, you can afford to back a long shot and chase that big progressive jackpot. You need to hit three Trophy Symbols in a row and also be wagering $1.50 per spin in order to unlock the progressive jackpot when playing a Win Place or Show slot machine. If you are betting less than three coins per spin and are lucky enough to hit this combination you will win 1,000 coins when wagering two coins per spin, while you will only win 500 coins if you are wagering a single coin per spin. So it pays to gamble big in a Win Place or Show slots casino.

The screen background of Win Place or Show is a green horse race track that duplicates what is often seen on regular horse races. On the symbols aspect, you get horseshoes and the regulars donning checkered combinations and colours that are often used by jockeys and trainers. Win Place or Show online slots also pay out for a single Checkered 7 Symbol. This provides you with frequent wins and makes your online casino experience great fun. There is a gradually descending jackpot table with three Horse Racing Symbols providing a win of 900 coins, three Horseshoe Symbols gives a jackpot of 600 coins and three Checkered 7 Symbols pay out 300 coins. This excellent jackpot structure, combined with the low betting limits in a Win Place or Show slots casino, offers players great value for money. Win Place or Show online slots are a real dark horse. While the simplistic game play and simple graphics might put off many, the reasonable betting limits and big progressive jackpots will keep you galloping after those big payoffs.

While simple, Win, Place or Show comes with a very impressive jackpot that can go up to around $150,000. In order to win, three symbols of the golden chalice must appear on the line when playing at the maximum bet. This will award the progressive jackpot at its current level automatically. Everything about Win Place or Show has something to do with horse racing but the main concept of the game is Slots. You have to hit the right combination on the reels in the central pay line to get to a prize. Win Place or Show only has a single pay line. The maximum bet for each game is three coins. If you wager on the maximum rate, that is the only time that you will become eligible for the progressive jackpot. So the basic ingredients for a progressive jackpot are these: the highest paying winning combination, in this case the gold cups, appearing at the central pay line and a maximum bet of three coins.

Not to worry about not hitting the jackpot because there are many different winning opportunities that Win Place or Show offers. It has eight winning combinations all in all. Add to that, if the lucky 7 symbol appears on the pay line, you will be awarded a pay out.