Coral Reef Slots

Welcome to the hilarious world of Coral Reef Slots where you are invited to explore the underwater world. This fun and whimsical underwater adventure features 9 selectable pay lines with 3 rows and 5 reels. It is a well known fact that a sea life theme involves lots of mysteries, and we are sure that you will simply love this game. You will meet lots of funny creatures and see the remote parts which will bring you lots of excitement. Make sure not to miss the hilarious Carley and Farley and we guarantee that you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

A wild and wonderful underwater trip to experience a world of sea life awaits you and you can look forward to free spins and bonus games in this underwater epic. You will be looking for sunken treasure and luxurious pearls in this underwater adventure. While playing you will come across the following symbols: Fish, Squid, Seven, Bars.

This adventure features sounds of the Caribbean with Reggae music that fits the underwater paradise theme amazingly. You will also enjoy the amazing bright colours that fill out this theme. This funny Coral Reef Slots game has 21 selectable pay lines with 3 rows and 5 reels. This wonderful underwater trip awaits fans of the slots with free spins and bonuses in this game. Find the sunken treasures and costly pearls in this game. This amazing game boasts wonderful graphics, smooth animations and a fabulous theme. You are guaranteed to have a great time and you will be amazed with all the sea creatures to be found under the sea.

Coral Reef Slots is a game with a sea life theme which is really exciting and easy to play. The minimum bet is 10 cents while the maximum bet is $10. You may take advantage of the nine possible winning combinations. There are 9 pay lines that are full adjustable and can be switched off and on to suit the bet amount you desire. In fact this wheel of fortune does not have a gigantic jackpot however, in total you can win $2000 and that is a good start.

Bet on the seahorse and win lots of cash. Place your bet on the spectacular seahorse races with the potential to win piles of money. To play this bonus game you need to match at least 3 seahorse pictures on any pay line. The 3 seahorses will appear before your eyes. Bet on one of them and start the race. The better the result of the seahorse the bigger your win. So be careful and choose your seahorse stallion carefully.

The shells on the bottom hide some shiny pearls. Dive down and collect them. 3 or more scatter shell symbols will trigger the free spins feature attached to this game. To find out how many free games you have won, you need to open various shells. When a starfish lands on any line of the playfield this will then be the substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the seahorse and the shell.

Players who strap on their scuba gear and dive near the coral reef will get to experience many wonderful things in this underwater paradise. Seahorses race down the coral racetrack, dolphin play whimsically outside of the reef and jubilant jellyfish sway back and forth in rhythm with the waves while cute crabs dance on a coral platform. Be aware of the sharks with the searing teeth. If you look behind the coral reef, then you will be able to find and obtain sunken treasure chests with a great value which were sunken a long time ago.

You will find that Coral Reef is a super easy game to play and has a clean user interface with a nice graphic design. With its clever and funny design and Caribbean reggae soundtrack and exciting bonus games, this game is a very relaxing and a very profitable game to play. You can play this game manually or else you can opt to play it automatically. To play manually, simply press the Spin button. If you opt to play this game automatically, then press the Auto Play button and the reels will then be spun automatically for you while you can sit back and relax. This will make the game go faster. When you want to go back to playing manually, simply press the Spin button.

Underwater coral reefs await you. Take your chances and play Coral Reef Slots today. Dive down and join the fish, seahorses, shells under the sea. Watch out for the sharks and the jellyfish however as these could spoil your fun. This could even become your new favourite game. Give Coral Reef Slots a go and we are sure that you will have a splashing time!