Go For Gold Slots

Go for Gold Slots is an Olympic themed slot game and where more adapt to go for gold than at the Olympics? The faster you run, the more you will win. The graphics here are good and the chances of winning very high as this game has a fast gameplay. This is definitely a game you would not want to miss.

This game has 5 reels and 9 pay lines and as the title of the game suggests, it is an Olympic themed slot that is sure to put players in the heart of the action. It also has 3 progressive jackpots. It’s time to go for gold – what are you waiting for? Actually, it is not just one total that is sure to change players’ lives at an instance – three are three on offer. These are Gold, Silver and Bronze with different amounts depending where it sits on the podium. This would certainly rank high on the podium of the best sporty themed game available on online casino currently.

Go for Gold Slots has low and high value symbol; the playing cards being the lower and the Olympic signs being the higher. The Olympic theme, therefore runs throughout this slot game, and the amount that is often offered via the progressive jackpot often exceeds the prize fund in most Olympic sports. This is a Vegas-style game designed with an Olympic theme. It features scatter bonuses, a great opportunity for players to win big thanks to the a progressive jackpot, a bonus game and a wild symbol with a superb design all meshed into this one game. A progressive jackpot is a total that increases every time someone plays in real money mode on the game until someone pockets it by winning the progressive jackpot bonus.

The total often runs in thousands and this means that the lucky winners will certainly remember the day they won the jackpot on Go for Gold Slots. It is an amount that will change the fortunes of anyone!

The wild symbol is the Olympic torch and it substitutes for all symbols except for the medals and scatters. 5 Olympic torches will award you 10,000 coins. There are two scatter symbols. One is called Sprinter and the other is called Javelin. They give extra credits depending on the symbol but they do not give free spins. Sprinter one pays between 3 and 400 and it also activates a mini game. You have to choose a sprinter and the faster he is, the more you will win. If your Sprinter is faster than the other ones, you will win the biggest prize. Javelin, on the other hand, has no mini games and pays between 1.2 – 200 coins. 3 medal symbols, 4 medal symbols or 5 medal symbols activate the Track Bonus Game where you get to run around the track until you stop on a prize.

The bonus round has a running track which boast 3 lanes, This track has different segments with each having a multiplier to give bonus wins or an arrow for you to advance to the next lane. The stake per line and the multiplier is used to calculate the bonus wins. The game will begin from the lane on the outside and you must be in the inside lane to earn the jackpot prize.

You can also play for the progressive jackpot pools. According to which medal you manage to win – Gold, Silver, Bronze – you will win one of the pool amounts. So run Forrest run……. You will get more winnings if your chosen athlete leaves the starting blocks first and a win is guaranteed regardless of his speed. Higher bonus prizes are awarded for more sprinters in a race.

This game is simple yet rewarding and the highest jackpot pool actually pays out 150,000 coins. The total bet amount can be between 0.50 and 10.00. Maximum bet amount is 90 coins.

Go for Gold Slots is dedicated to the Olympiad and all the Olympic players who ever participated in the Olympic games. It accentuates their commitment and their perseverance and reminds us of these participants and not only necessarily the winners. The important thing is to take part and it is also important to take part in the Go for Gold Slots. The symbols are very realistic and they depict various sports and look very vivid and pretty. The features of this game are just fantastic and you are guaranteed to never get bored while playing this game. It is time to play and capture gold. Try your hand ant winning the Gold medal, the Silver medal or else the Bronze medal and ultimately you could even win the fabulous progressive jackpot. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Go for Gold Slots today and you could be in for a big win!