Luxury Liners Slots

Are you the type of person who has a thirst for exclusivity and who enjoys the finer things in life? Then you will definitely this game and the posh life that accompanies it. Welcome to the world of cruise ships and luxury liners. Sit back and breathe in the sea breeze as you sail away on the cruise of your choice. Join the chic and the elite and enter a world where the riff-raff is kept out. Summer vacations and entertainment cruises and trips to the Caribbean loom as large as life on the horizon. Now you have the opportunity to allow yourself to have the things that you are seeking in life without using your own hard-earned cash to do it. You can also play the free version of the game just for fun. With special features like free spins and 2 pence minimum bets, you can enjoy playing slots in luxury as you sip your Earl Grey and daydream about you next big acquisition.

Luxury liners are associated with summer vacations, entertainment cruises and trips to the Caribbean and that same luxury line just might be heading straight for you with a boatload of cash! This game has 3 reels and a single pay line. This luxury-themes slots game offers so much excitement and many chances of winning just by spinning the reels. There is a nice attractive look to the game. The detailed background makes you feel as though you are on a real live luxury liner together with the clean lines and plain designs of the game’s icons.

The symbols include the Cherry, the Single Bar, the Double Bar and the Triple Bar. The Luxury Lines Slots game uses a multiplier on its pay outs scale so you stand more if you bet more coins. Getting any combination of three Bars will multiply your bet by a factor of 5. Three Cherries or three Single Bars will multiply your bet by 10. The other Bars give slightly largest pay outs with the Double Bar and the Triple Bar multiplying by 20 and 30 respectively. When the Cherries show up on the pay line, even if only one shows, they will give you a little something too.

So spoil yourself for a while and sit down and start spinning the reels of Luxury Liners Slots where you can imagine that you are on a luxury liner sailing away on a summer vacation to the blue waters of the Caribbean. Join the passengers as they wine and dine the night away and then slip away to the ship’s casino when you can bet your money on the game’s icons. Getting a mix of Sevens or Luxury Liners on the pay line will multiply your wager by 40 and getting all the Sevens will multiply your wager by 80. It is the luxury liner however, that give the big pay outs. If you get three Luxury Liners with one coin, you will get 500 coins and if you get the same three luxury liners with three coins, then you will win a luxurious 2500 coins.

The symbols that you will find in this game are just like those that you can find on some of the earliest and oldest slot machines, thus giving the game a sense of the traditional. The Luxury Liner Slots game uses a multiplier on the pay out scale that allows players to win more if they bet more coins. For instance if you get the combination of three bars, your bet will be multiplied using a factor of five. Three Cherries or three Single Bars will increase the bet to a factor of ten. Some of the other combinations in this game have larger pay outs while the Double bar and the Triple Bar will multiply your bet factor by twenty or thirty respectively. The Cherries give you a little something even if you do not have three of them on the pay line. If you have a combination of Sevens or Luxury Liners your wager will be multiplied by 40 while having all sevens will give it a multiplier of 80. The Luxury Liners are the big bonuses, however: one coin gives you 500 in return, but if you wager three coins the pay out then is 2500 coins.

So relax and take your time. Sit back and take yourself back and take off to the Caribbean while playing the reels with a virtual casino in the background. You can actually imagine yourself on a Luxury Liner playing the slot machine in the ship’s casino. Then dream on as your dreams become reality as you win enough money to actually take you on a cruise to the Caribbean. Why not try your luck today and you just might be on your way to the Caribbean!