Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots has a mining theme and this is definitely where you need to start doing some digging! In this mine you will find many exciting things including Gold, Diamonds, the Mine Logo, Gold Bars, Cherries, Sevens and some others. This game will have you hitting the spin button like a jackhammer. You may not have to do too much mining to get your mega money in Mega Money Mine Slots after all!

This game is simple to play and features a progressive jackpot, three reels and a single pay line. With some great jackpots, Mega Money Mine online slots come with a price. You can wager up to three coins per spin, but coins are fixed at $1.50. Therefore you can bet anywhere between $1.50 and $4.50 a spin. And with those prices, it doesn't take long to burn through a few hundred dollars while playing this at an online casino.

On the top of the screen, players will see the current value of the jackpot as it grows when bets are placed. Playing Mega Money Mine is done with a fixed coin value of $1.5 and each bet can be made of 1-3 coins by clicking on 'Bet One' before spinning the three reels. You have the ability to play one, two, or three coins per line but, to win the maximum reward you should always play all three coins. This means that every player should consider $4.50 the only bet size available in Mega Money Mine slots. Decide for yourself if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Mega Money Mine slots have thousands of dollars to be won, with a progressive jackpot in its 3-reels and 1-payline, plus there are other winning combos!

The Mega Money Mine slots Progressive Jackpot is triggered by the top paying symbol which is the mine: Line up 3 mines playing with just 1 coin and the pay out is 500 coins. Line up 3 mines playing with 2 coins and the pay out is 1000 coins. Line up 3 mines playing with 3 coins, you win the Mega Money Mine slot Progressive Jackpot!

The Mega Money Mine slot progressive jackpot is displayed above the game reels. Like all progressive jackpots, there is no way to know exactly how much you could possibly win, but at any point in time, you can refer to the ticker on the slots machine to see how large the jackpot is. This number will creep higher as players fail to win, but when somebody gets lucky, it will be reset. The progressive jackpot is the best feature of the online Mega Money Mine slots game, especially since classic slot machines so rarely offer such large pay outs. This unique combination makes this the perfect game for anybody that wants a progressive jackpot without all of the hassle of a complicated modern video slots game. So don't let another second slip by. The Mega Money Mine slots jackpot is just waiting to be won, and you could be the next lucky player to do so. The Mega Money Mine progressive slots jackpot is independent of any other progressive game. You can win thousands playing Mega Money Mine online slots.

The highest standard jackpot that can be won on the games is worth 2,250 coins or $3375 followed by smaller prizes of 900 coins and 300 coins. Mega Money Mine Slots can be played manually by pressing the Spin button and it can also be played automatically by pressing the Auto Play button. This is will make the game go faster. You can also play this game for fun money and for real money. It is a good idea to play the game for fun money first in order to gain confidence and this will help to make you aware of the moves needed to win large amounts of cash.

So switch on your headlamp, grab your canary and head into the bowels of the earth for some serious digging. The more you dig, the more rewards you will recover. What will you find? Gold? Diamonds? Gold Bars? In this game you have many different ways of hitting it lucky and finding some treasure in the mines. Now is the time to start digging and we are sure that you will not be able to peel yourself away from this interesting and very rewarding game. The deeper you dig the more you will be rewarded. This is a money mine after all! So what are you waiting for? Grab all your tools and let’s go down to the mines today. You will surely not be disappointed. You never know, you might get lucky and come back up with a fistful of gold!